honesty, and, thoughts about Henry James

Isn’t there some blog thing about taking a photo just as you are right then? Well, here’s mine. Taken two minutes ago. Don’t I look nice and moody? Actually I’m just really tired and sick of being sick.

Going to the acupuncturist on Saturday to see if we can’t speed up the healing a bit.

My bookclub is having our annual holiday party this Satuday. It’s no big deal, we just get together and have cookies and talk about a short story (or sometimes, watch a movie of one of the books we’ve read over the past year). The short story (or stories, actually) is Daisy Miller by Henry James, and Roman Fever, by Edith Wharton. I liked them both quite a lot. I loved the confusion in Daisy Miller — what is this girl up to? And then the ending is so abrupt. I’m looking forward to discussing these with my girls — I almost never mention them on the blog, but I’ve been part of this book club for probably around 13 years now. We’re very lax about book-reading requirements but it’s a good group of very smart women, and we take turns choosing the books we read each month. Reading the book is not mandatory, which is the best way for a book club to be. Show up for the food and chatter and please read the book when you can.

I wish I had other thoughts about Henry James  — but let’s be honest, mostly I just put that in the title of this blog to sound smart. I liked the story, I loved the setting, and I’m eager to discuss with the other members. In other book news, I’m reading a really bland book called The Owl andMoon Cafe, which sounds like it might be good but is really just a substandard chick lit book masquerading as a Life Passage book (you know… Career Falls Apart, Mother Gets Cancer, Daughter Must Grow Up, that sort of thing). However, I LOVE the cover, and the book is light enough that it’s (barely) holding my interest.

I’m also reading Life by Keith Richards, and that book is a kick and a half. It’s a little too high-energy for me right now but I keep coming back to it. I hope I can make it through the whole thing. Such fun. What a crazy life.

While we’re being honest here, can I just say that I made a very delicious leftover-veggie soup that looks suspiciously like vomit? It tastes good, but good lord, I would never serve that to anyone else. Wow. And also I have some bulbs in the fridge which desperately need planting. December is probably the very last time they can go in, right? Sorry, little bulbs. Life got away from me for a bit.

That’s how things are here. I’m tired of being sick. But otherwise, doing okay.

3 thoughts on “honesty, and, thoughts about Henry James

  1. I have a needle phobia so thoughts of acupunture freak me out. But James has done it and it helped him. Hope it helps you too! Have fun at your book group party. That will help you feel better too.

  2. I love that you put Henry James in the title to sound smarter. Awesome.

    Also, even though you’re sick, you still look gorgeous. Maybe slightly ticked off – and who’d blame you? – but that’s still a great picture.

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