End of 2011: Book Roundup

Sigh. This is a sad post. I did very poorly on reading this year. This was a pretty hard year, even though some good things were in it too. Lost two beloved elderly kitties, lost a relationship, was sick, was very tired, worked too much. And for the past two months, I have not been able to read hardly at all. I can barely get through a page a night. I take a book with me everywhere but I am just not making any progress and can’t stick with anything. I think that’s just where I’m at right now. Although I’m much better physically, I’m still recovering from everything and all I really want to do in my spare time is sleep or pet the cats. Seriously. I can barely make it through a half-hour episode of something really cheesy like Cosby re-runs or Gossip Girl (which has been recommended to me and I’m trying to watch it… but I don’t know, guys, is this worth my time?). I don’t know if it’s an attention-span thing or what. I just can’t do “stories” right now. I’m reading a Joseph Campbell essay collection and that seems to be going down pretty good. Poetry I seem to be able to handle also. But no stories, in either book or film form. Well, let’s hope that changes in the new year.

On to the books!

  • Books read (including audio): 54. I guess that’s still a book a week, but that feels very low. That’s okay. If I’d managed to read anything to completion the last two months, I’d probably have a better count (not that it matters). So that’s 54 books in 10 months, basically.
  • Books started and not finished: Oh, so very very many. I have a giant stack from the library but I am just browsing through them. Even the Keith Richards book is failing to hold my interest. And if that can’t, well…
  • Favorites of the year: Drood (so. freaking. good.), Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, Just Kids, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Prestige, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, The Hunger Games, The House Next Door. All of these were really very worth reading. Loved them.
  • Let-downs of the year: The Lantern, Red Dragon, The Wilder Life, Bridget Jones The Edge of Reason. I wished these were a lot better than they were. Understatement.
  • Surprising observation: Read three books by Stephen King this year, two of them non-fiction.
  • Favorite new-to-me author: Diana Wynne Jones
  • Regretfully did not read We Need To Talk About Kevin, but will remedy this in the new year!

So now we are on to the new year. I have a good stack of books. I’m reading Joseph Campbell, and some Mary Oliver and some other poetry. I’m going to try and find something good to read this weekend (maybe I’ll just return everything I have now and start fresh. Sorry, Keith Richards and Steven Tyler. Maybe later).

However, clearly I am still not recovered from everything. I’m so sleepy by 9 pm. Not tired, exactly, just so ready for sleep. I’m doing a lot of writing in my journal, and I’m getting out to see friends a lot. These are good things. Maybe reading takes a back seat for a little while. That’s okay. Actually, I *am* reading, I’m just not finishing anything. But I’d like to.

I could probably get through a Flavia de Luce book. And maybe an Agatha Christie. Maybe comforting mysteries is where I ought to look for a little bit. The Harry Potter books are very good on audio, so I’ll try to get through the others (I’m up to #4, and yes, these are re-reads!). It’s odd that I can’t get through stories of other people’s lives right now. A mystery, which is about an event, sounds okay. Maybe I’m just doing so much processing deep internally that I don’t have room for stories right now.

Or maybe I’m just still recovering from many years of doing far too much, and I just need to sleep a lot for awhile longer.

In any case, still happy to be in touch with the blogging world, and will attempt to do a better job at commenting on other’s posts! Happy 2012, everyone. Is the world ending this year? Again?

6 thoughts on “End of 2011: Book Roundup

  1. Oh, I’ve got to read Drood! 2012 will be a good year, a year to take care of yourself and find a balance so you don’t do too much. And yeah, I think the world is supposed to end because the Mayan calendar runs out or something. Seems like a good reason to have a party. Happy New Daphne!

  2. overall your book total is really not that bad.

    i had moments this year when i felt as you did, like i couldnt concentrate on a book, i think thats why i crafted more than usual. i could do it without concentrating.

    • I’d feel better if I’d done crafting or something… mostly I think I just stared into space or slept. Which is also okay, actually. But hey! I watched TWO MOVIES last night. In a row! And another one tonight! So maybe I’m doing better.

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