2013 Books

  1. Dragonfly in Amber (in progress)
  2. The Gormenghast Trilogy (in progress)
  3. The Woman In White (in progress)
  4. Made By Hand
  5. The Elephant Keeper’s Children
  6. Two Graves
  7. Shogun
  8. Animal Factory
  9. The Night Circus (skimmed)
  10. Trader
  11. Season of the Witch
  12. On Chesil Beach
  13. Surreal Lives
  14. Through the Eyes of the Dragon
  15. Ocean At The End Of The Lane
  16. Hallucinations
  17. Little Earthquakes
  18. A Discovery of Witches
  19. The Snow Child
  20. Shadow of Night
  21. The Demonologist
  22. Rise and Fall of the Third Reich
  23. Henry and June
  24. The Neverending Story

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