some updates

  • I’m reading a book! And enjoying it! Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. I think I’ll be able to finish this one. Light, a little edgy, not very long. Yep. That’s about what I need.
  • Continuing to feel better physically. Emotionally I’m doing pretty well but sometimes I have attacks of unhelpful emotions. Hello, unhelpful emotions! I am noting you, and attempting to let you slide on by.
  • Today was a long day and this week is feeling like a long week. I think I need a hot bath, my YA novel, and an early bedtime. I’ve been crabbier than usual this week (probably due to some very rational, makes-sense kinds of reasons) and yesterday had one of those “I hate everybody” days, which lasted most of the day. Today was better but I’m a little off this week.
  • I’ve been wanting to make some kind of horrible caramel-drenched coffeecake or something but can usually only handle a serving or two of anything like that. Thankfully my office is full of hungry people who will eat anything.

Favorite tips for combatting unhelpful emotions/bad days/bad weeks?

3 thoughts on “some updates

  1. I think you’re doing everything you can!! A hot bath, a book, a mug of coffee or tea (or wine)…that all works for me. Gardening too but the season isn’t here yet for that :( Anyway, hope it gets better and better Daphne!

  2. I absolutely loved Drood! and it too made me want more but I went the way of Wilke Collins’s Woman in White and the Moonstone lol… I did read The old Curiosity Shop by Dickens (wanted to read something by him that’s not “top of the list” like David Copperfield) But Curiosity Shop is quite sad so skip that one for now!

  3. Yay that you are feeling like reading! I find a good book, a cup of hot cocoa, and/ or a hard workout helps. Your caramel drenched coffee cake sounds like a delicious idea. I have been craving something really decadent lately. If I lived nearby, I’d help you eat it :)

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