status report: mostly good with some questionable bits

Today was good, but kind of a lesson in a) not taking things too seriously and b) really getting over being a perfectionist about some things.
  • Acupuncturist report: I’m doing very well but I’m quite “weak” overall — in Chinese terms, I have low blood, stagnant/low liver and spleen (I think?), and low qi. But other than being basically really depleted (which is what all that translates to), I’m doing quite well, considering. Which is about how I feel: really depleted, but really not too bad. So I’ve got some magic herbs and am supposed to do a lot of protein, greens and vegetables. Also I’m supposed to have lots of low-key activity — nothing too strenuous, but lots of movement. He says, “Walking is good, strolling is good. Running is not good for you right now.” Ok, then! Off the hook. (sort of)
  • So I decided to make myself some warming, blood-strengthening food. I was thinking greens, but I was also thinking curry (warming spices!). So I decided on saag paneer. I made the homemade paneer cheese (so easy) and made my own masala (in the coffee grinder) and cooked all the greens down… and it was delicious, but it looks like vomit, and is so filling that I could only eat four bites. So. Hmm.
  • I also decided that I wanted to bake something. Coffeecake sounded good (when does coffeecake NOT sound good?). I used a Cook’s Illustrated recipe and made this really amazing blueberry-lemon coffeecake with cinnamon-walnut streusel. Well, it tastes amazing. Unfortunately it totally fell apart when I took it out of the pan, and it’s not a very attractive cake. I’ll take a photo tomorrow. It looks like a really, really sad 4-H entry. But it does taste really good. Unfortunately I was so full from my four bites of saag paneer that I could only have a few bites of the cake. However, it’s so yummy that I nicknamed it the Coffeecrack.
  • Related: In keeping with the “low-key exercise” model, I wanted to ride my bike to the store to get the ingredients for the above recipes. Which sounds like a great idea, right? Except that my bike tires were totally flat, and I couldn’t find a key that fit the bike lock. So I looked and looked and finally found the key. Then I walked the bike to the gas station to get the tires pumped (no, I don’t have a tire pump and yes, I’m going to fix that problem soon). I filled the tires and rode to the store, which is all of about a half-mile away. Was smug and proud of myself as I shopped, happy about doing my part to save the earth and all that. Then I get back out to my bike, and of course the back tire is about half-flat. Because Save The Earth Girl hadn’t ridden her bike in over a year and didn’t realize the back tire doesn’t hold air. So… I *was* going to ride to the library but instead I went straight home on half-flat tires. Sigh.

All in all I think today was mostly successful, although everything was sort of skewed in some way. But everything turned out okay in the end and I think I can finish my book tonight; go, me! Photos tomorrow, promise.

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