this post is about cats.

Just thought I would warn you.

Thomas, catching up on beauty rest

Well, it’s not all about cats. But I did take some cute ones of the boys and thought I would share. Finn is particularly fluffy right now.

Finn, also caught napping. Imagine that.

His tail and hindquarters are startling in their extreme fluffiness.

The fluff! The fluff!

Anyway. The weekend was good. I worked very hard on the yard and putting the garage back in order. It was a giant mess and my Virgo self couldn’t take it anymore. I didn’t do any sorting, but I did get things sort of put on shelves and at least up and off the floor. Now when I go out to the garage it makes me happy, instead of making me want to cry. However, I did NOT apparently succeed in finishing the most crucial step of the process: closing the garage door. My neighbor came over a little while ago to tell me the garage door was still open. Sigh. I’m trying, here. I’m really trying.

That slip-up aside, I did make some progress with the concentration. I managed to finish Nick & Norah (review coming soon — haven’t progressed to the stage where I can get my thoughts in order about it, yet, apparently). I also managed to get completely sucked back into Battlestar Galactica, which I felt was a success because i was able to watch three episodes in a row, after weeks of not being able to get through a single show without losing concentration or needing to pause it to stare off into space for awhile. So I think I’m getting a little better.

Now I am off to be a really good girl and hopefully be in bed by 9 pm.


6 thoughts on “this post is about cats.

  1. OMG, I don’t think I have ever seen anything quite like Finn’s back-end fluff! Good job on the garage. So what if you forgot to close the door. I’d still call it a success.

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