long weekend

I have a long weekend this weekend. Taking tomorrow off to rest, go thrifting with one of my best friends (who also happens to be my boss; lucky me), spend some time with the kitties. They are doing really well but Thomas is such a social boy; he really needs some serious cuddle time every day or he gets frantic. Finn seems to do okay with a couple of good brushing sessions a day (a short one in the morning and then a couple more at night — he loves being brushed and boy, does he need it), and then some snuggle time in the evening before he heads to his room for the night. He really does put himself to bed — now he knows that at around 10 pm, he needs to head off to his room and tucks himself into his bed. It’s adorable. (the boys still are not getting along; they are separated during the day and then at night Finn sleeps in his own room and Thomas sleeps with me.)

I’ve been getting in touch with a lot of old friends — random high school friends, old friends from 10+ years ago; it’s been very good. I feel like my life is integrating again. All the parts coming together and I can have all my pieces together in my head again. Some people have really surprised me with their enthusiasm, “I’m coming to your high school reunion this summer to see you!” So sweet. It’s good to be in touch with so many old friends. I’m feeling more like myself than I have in a long time.

Nick & Norah review coming this weekend, and I’m also rereading a very old favorite, The Ghost Belonged To Me, by Richard Peck. I love this book and must have read it 10 times in middle school. It’s fun to reread old childhood favorites. I read a ton of books in middle school in particular. I hated middle school and books were my escape. So there’s a lot to choose from. Maybe I will just re-read old favorites for awhile; that seems to be working. I clearly still need some comforting after all the turmoil. I’m spending a lot of time under covers, lots of warm clothes, lots of warm food. I’m trying to take care of myself; tonight I had a really fabulous kale salad which I think I want to have about one million more times in the next few weeks. Serious yum; now I see why everyone is all, “Kale!” these days. When can I plant some kale of my own, I wonder? When is kale season?

Last weekend I did too much again and was very tired this week. I’m going to try not to repeat that mistake this weekend. Tomorrow is thrifting; how hard is that?! Saturday a friend might come out and we might go for a walk/easy hike. Sunday I think I’ll go to Oakland and Berkeley and do some fun errands (visit my beloved Berkeley Bowl and stock up on bulk foods; I’m really exciting like that) and then Monday I will probably just stay home and maybe even stay in bed all day. I’m starting to notice a lift in energy; I want to keep this trend up. Life is short. Need to carpe diem and all that.

6 thoughts on “long weekend

  1. Yes yes yes. Go thrifting, go to Berkeley Bowl, do simple, low-key things that YOU like to do. Keep taking care of yourself. Spending time under covers with books sounds heavenly. You are on the mend, keep heading in this direction.

    Much much love.

  2. your low key weekend sounds perfect.i think if you can get a bit of joy out of those seemingly mundane tasks (thrifting, bulk food shopping, etc..) your on the right track.

    i used to read richard peck in middle school too.and swet valley high. god i loved SVH. i need to find one at a thrift store and maybe reread it…..

    and how cute is it that finn puts himself to bed?! adorable.

    • I was kind of thinking of going on an SVH kick myself (was not totally addicted but I read my fair share…)

      Finn is completely adorable, especially when he puts himself to bed (or when he’s playing with a stuffed mouse… the pouncing of the giant puffball! so cute!)

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