Book: Nick & Norahs Infinite Playlist

Before I forget entirely… I read a book! A whole book. Go, me!

I had no idea what to expect from N&N — isn’t that a movie? Isn’t that a pajama company? It was in the teen section so I figured, teen romance, right? Yes, but not as treacly as they usually are. It was way edgier than I expected, and that was a good thing. I actually quite liked this book. I didn’t love-love it (see minor criticisms below) but I really enjoyed it and most importantly, it kept my attention and I was actually able to finish it!

Good stuff: Loved the edgy punk-rock scene. Loved all the profanity, the hot gay guys, the rough-and-tumble of it all. Liked the awkward romance between Nick & Norah, how they both started to realize that hey, this person might actually be quite a catch… liked that they were both basically good kids and did the right thing (even as they went on a crazy all-night adventure…). I sort of fell in love with Nick, too… the perfect edgy-teen boyfriend.

Other stuff: I’m still not quite sure if the narrator switch gimmick worked for me or not — one author wrote Nick and the other wrote Norah, which I sort of liked and sort of didn’t. I guess I didn’t mind it but I kept sort of analyzing it to see if it worked, and what details got changed along the way. I thought Norah was mildly annoying and exasperating, and I thought her ex boyfriend was actually sort of a stupid complication that the story didn’t need. I also didn’t quite get why the ex girlfriend was so bad… but I enjoyed all the name-calling, so…

Overall, this was a very fun, short read, and it did what it was supposed to do: keep me interested so I could finally finish my first book of 2012! I actually finished another one too (that Richard Peck book) but I’ll review it later. I’m going to go on a children’s novel spree — I seem to be able to handle those right now, so we’ll ease back into the reading groove. I have a Vonnegut sitting here just begging to be read (Bluebeard — it was the only Vonnegut currently on the shelf) but I’m not sure I’m quite up for it yet. Maybe after another couple of kids novels. Next up: the Penderwicks.

7 thoughts on “Book: Nick & Norahs Infinite Playlist

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed it overall! I didn’t think the ex-girlfriend was so bad either, but I think the story left some room for that to be acknowledged towards the end.

  2. YAY! for finishing a new book in the new year! I haven’t read this but I want to. I’ve only read one book where one author wrote a character and another author wrote another. (boy, that was a complicated sentence) and it was YA, too. By John Green and somebody. I can’t even remember the title, shame on me.

    Happy New Year!

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