the next project(s)

The next project on my list of home/self improvment is to repaint the bedroom. Oh yes… that bedroom. The one which had over 30 paint samples on the walls. The one that took over a year to choose paint for. It’s currently painted a very pretty terra cotta rose color, but I hate it. Hate. It. I only like it at night when a certain lamp is turned on (of course, it’s a lamp that I *never* turn on), so most of the time it’s just sort of driving me crazy. It’s too warm, it’s too intense, it’s too messy (was done in a hurry and looks horrible).

So. I am going to repaint it this weekend. I am going to try and complement the gorgeous double-wedding-ring quilt my mother made for me (hand-quilting the entire thing, I might add) — this quilt deserves to be shown off. It’s gorgeous oceany greens and blues with a little rose thrown in. With a little input from friends, I’ve decided to go with Valspar’s Evening Stroll. I’m a little worried that it’s too intense, but I think it’s going to look really good (I hope). It’s actually very close to my favorite of the above swatches. I like having a rich color in there, just… not terra cotta. Paint the walls, touch up the trim, call it good. There is one spot behind the bed that I can’t reach, and the bed is too heavy for me to move, so it might just stay unpainted (it doesn’t really show.) Then I can work on enlisting some help in moving the bed so I can finish the paint job later. But at least I won’t be stuck with a color that makes me mad every time I see it.

Then it will be time to get the carpet cleaned, which I’ve been wanting to do for over a year. Since I am trying to keep costs down I’m thinking of renting a cleaner for now, and then if it still needs further cleaning this summer, getting it professionally done. But at least it will be better. I’ve done some research and many people say that a vinegar/water solution works just as well, if not better, than the stuff they sell to go with the cleaning machine. Any input on this?

When my mom comes in February, we will work on getting some curtains in the house. Then I think it will be pretty much “set” for awhile. So many things did not get done before, for many reasons. But I’m really ready to get some of these basic things taken care of and have the house feel like mine.

Then it’s time to get rid of those awful junipers in the front. Probably in the late spring so I can plant some easy-care plants and call it good.

The next few weeks and months might be a little tricky, but I think if I do some low-cost improvements to the house, it will be a safe place to cocoon and rest. I’m feeling better but still so tired, mentally. I’m only good for about half a day and then it starts to become a struggle. But I’m sure that once the days start getting lighter and as all the decisions start to get made and we begin to move on, I will feel better and better. I’m able to read again, and able to follow a TV show or movie, so that’s improvement. I’m also not conking out quite so dramatically when it’s time for bed, which is somewhat annoying but more like my usual self, so that’s also a good sign.

Seeing friends new and old, getting out to some cultural events (a photo show, a magazine launch)… coming back to life in many ways, but still needing to take very good care of myself.

9 thoughts on “the next project(s)

  1. LOVE the color you picked. Have fun. I like to paint but it takes me forever (like most things, I am a take-my-time kind of person) and it drives my husband nuts. So he ends up finishing most of my home improve projects.

  2. I like the color! I think it will end up being very soothing. Be sure to take a photo afterwards along with the quilt so I can oooh and ahhh :) So glad you are beginning to feel better!

  3. That is just about the color some of my favorite pillowcases, I put them on when I want the most soothing color, especially in summer; they are almost worn out. I have a thing about picking up on-sale pillow cases when I spot a hue and tint I really like, which doesn’t happen too often–for some reason it depresses me to have my pillow cases exactly match my sheets. Your quilt sounds like a real treasure! Yay to taking out special things and making a pretty place for them, and using them! Color is so important.

  4. im so glad youre feeling better.

    i have a steam cleaner and i very rarely actually buy the solution im *supposed* to use with the machine. ive used vinegar and water and ive also used dr bronners liquid soap. in my opinion, its all about the same.

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