a sneak peek

Came home from work last night and started painting right away. Could not stand it one more night. I absolutely love it! These were taken tonight so the color is off; will take more tomorrow in the daylight.

Yes, need some better window treatments (or in the case of the window above the bed, something there at all) but this feels *so* much better. This is a bedroom I want to come home to and curl up in. 

And having my mother’s amazing quilt on the bed makes it even better. Will try to get a better photo tomorrow also. She hand-quilted this, stitch by stitch. It’s an automatic family heirloom; I treasure it and am so glad it gets to be on display now (I hadn’t wanted to use it before because of sick kitties). The pattern is Double Wedding Ring, my favorite.

Of course after all that fun and games and painting two rooms in a week, my neck went out this morning and I’m totally exhausted, but happy. I look down the hall and see the beautiful Blue Room and I think of my favorite room at my paternal grandmother’s house — it was a soft blue bedroom with vintage-style birds painted over the bed, and I loved that room so much, and always wanted a blue room similar. This blue is much deeper and much more robin’s-egg, but it’s got a similar feel in there now and it’s making me very very happy. It also makes the master bathroom paint look really good, so I don’t have to paint in there now. Bonus!

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