Door Captain

Today I woke up and decided that I felt like having clean carpets. Yep. I’ve been dying to have the carpets cleaned since we moved in, but, as with so many things, there were many reasons why this did not get done. But today = The Day. I rented the big carpet cleaner thing and hauled it home. I used a mixture of hot water, vinegar and a little Simple Green. It wasn’t that hard, although it did take awhile because I was very slow and deliberate about doing a good job and sucking up as much water as possible. I was going to get my $27 worth, dammit.

I probably should have waited for a day when it was sunny and I could open the doors and windows, but oh well. I cranked up the heat and now, at 6 pm, they are almost dry.

They look much better, but time will tell how well it worked. If nothing else, I know they’re better than they were (and it wasn’t all that bad, it’s just me being a Virgo), and I can have them professionally cleaned this summer if I want. I just had to Do Something About It today.  And for $27, I’m happy.

And now, am completely wiped out. I forgot to eat until 4 pm (such a bad idea) and then I was starving. I ate an enormous dinner and am now collapsed on the couch watching Portlandia and petting the cat.

All in all, not a bad few weeks. New bathroom, new bedroom, clean carpets. For under $125 total, that’s a lot of happy. And that’s it for me with Home Improvement for a little while. Have worn myself out. Now it’s on to my new obsession: knitting. I get obsessed with it for a few weeks every few years. I don’t know how to purl — I just do the knit stitch over and over. Whatever, it works for me.

In other news: I am attempting to volunteer for the local performing arts center. They finally got back to me with an email about a volunteer training, so yay! However, there is also this mysterious bit: “If you’d like to attend the Door Captain training as well that will be held at 7pm.”

Door Captain Training?

Hells yeah, I want in on that. What I wouldn’t give to be a Door Captain.

(I have to go just to find out what that is!)

4 thoughts on “Door Captain

  1. Door Captain? Do people have to salute you and stuff? Or say things like “aye, aye Cap’n!” new paint and clean floors is something to be very happy about. Now relax and enjoy it for a bit before embarking on the next project :)

  2. Stefanie stole my ‘aye aye, cap’t!’ so I just wanted to mention that I think I’m going to take up knitting again for the Zen properties of it. Just a scarf…nothing fancy :)

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