puttin’ on the ritz

The $10 thrifted red ball gown makes its debut!

Getting ready at work is always so glamorous.

I did manage to do my hair myself in the restroom, however. I was reminded of the before-dance restrooms at my high school, where clouds of hairspray were omnipresent as everyone attempted a last-minute primp before going in the gym.

At the event: A fundraiser for Make A Wish Foundation. It was a nice event, a little hokey, but I’m not one to turn down an opportunity to wear a fancy dress to San Francisco and have a little fun. It was a good time.

Let’s hope there are other opportunities for The Red Dress to make another appearance sometime soon. I am definitely looking up local ballroom dance classes.

9 thoughts on “puttin’ on the ritz

  1. oh daph, you look beautiful.

    and it should make you feel totally great that it only takes $10 to make you look so awesome. celebs pay thousands.

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