So many good things! This is quite a streak. I haven’t had this much fun planned in YEARS.

Slumber party with seven-year-old on Friday. Cuteness overload.

Saturday afternoon, my brother, his fiancee, and their 10-month old Pudelpointer, Miller, arrived. We had took the dog for a walk, had stew and fresh bread, watched a movie, stayed up late.

Today Miller woke us up early. We had cinnamon rolls, went to some garage sales, they went wine-tasting and took the dog for a run while I had a volunteer meeting, then we all went out to dinner in town and then home for speed Scrabble, Samoa ice cream and some Glee-viewing. Stayed up too late.

Tomorrow we are going to meander up to Guerneville, stopping in Petaluma to go to the Seed Bank, to the house they are renting on the Russian River. Hot tub overlooking the river, cooking with my brother. Probably staying up too late.

Tuesday I come back home, get myself rested and go to another volunteer meeting, and GO TO BED EARLY.

Then I work for two days.

Then my mother arrives for four+ days.

Then I work. Then I go cross-country skiing on the weekend.

Then my best friend arrives.

Then I go to Holland.

What? Whose life is this? Who is this person with family, friends, fun activities, energy, happy feelings? Whoever she is, whosever life she’s stolen, I think she should keep it. This life is pretty amazing. I’m feeling absolutely overwhelmed with gratitude, happiness, fun, love, and contentment.

Life, my friends, is good.

10 thoughts on “overjoyed

  1. She should ABSOLUTELY keep it! This life is pretty ridiculously spectacularly amazing. The only thing that would improve it… mani/pedis! :) And a lavender farm. xoxo

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