My mom is arriving this afternoon.

  • vacuumed: check!
  • cookies: check!
  • abandonable plans: check!

I go skiing in just over a week:

  • skis found: check!
  • in-shape and ready to go: check! (are you kidding? I am so out of shape…)

My best friend arrives in two weeks:

  • nothing planned: check! (all the better to spontaneously have fun, right?)

I travel to Amsterdam in 2.5 weeks (two and a half weeks!!)

  • New suitcase purchased after my old one mysteriously disappeared: check!
  • Stylish rubber boots: check!
  • Reading material for the plane: check (crap!! I must go back and check ya’lls recs)
  • Lots of plans made for the trip: check (nope, have barely done any research at all)

This new me who has juuuuust enough energy now to get through regular days without exhaustion (such an improvement from a month ago!) has no extra energy to plan ahead for much. I have to say, this is kind of a relief. Who knew? Just see what happens! Go with the wind! I kind of like it.

5 thoughts on “prepping

  1. Amsterdam? Cool! As far as books go, I’m enjoying The Night Circus now and, for what its worth, I loved Cormac McCarthy’s The Road but it was brutal.

    Have fun, you have a joyful few weeks ahead of you!

  2. One of the best things about Amsterdam, besides stroopwaffels and the cool, friendly Dutch people, is getting to see van Goghs. Prints do not do his work justice, which you probably know. You should definitely check out the Rijksmuseum and/or the van Gogh museum. If you’re up for being somewhat depressed but also awed, the Anne Frank house is worth a visit. That and the Hard Rock Cafe are all I can remember from my trip. If I come up with anything else I’ll let you know.

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