reading update

I have somehow managed to re-read all of the Harry Potter books (well, half-way through the seventh) so I guess my reading mojo is back? I’m not going to review all of them but will write up something about the experience of reading all the books in a row.

I’m finishing up Mrs. Piggle Wiggle and The Princess and Curdie. I am definitely on a re-reading kick; I plan to continue on that path for awhile. I think I’m ready for an adult book here pretty soon. I have no reading plans. I have no idea what to read next. I have a Dickens on audio (Oliver Twist) but I don’t know if I’m up for that quite yet (it’s good, but so wordy… I almost think I’d prefer the printed word on this one.) I think after work sometime this week I’ll go to the library and do some serious looking in the fiction stacks for something enticing.

Isn’t it funny how sometimes you can go on a streak and everything you read is fantastic, and then sometimes, you just stumble for months. I may go way back and read something like The Shell Seekers or another old favorite.

Favorite re-reads, anyone? Books you come back to over and over?

I’ve abandoned so many books in the past three months. Seriously, at least 10 or 15 abandoned books. Started, maybe a chapter or two read, and then ditched. I almost never do this. I have little sad lonely books all over the bedroom, with a bookmark barely indenting the pages. My library record shows an incredible amount of books checked out and then returned with their spines barely cracked.

Oh well.

More progress: I’ve been making my way through many of my New York Review of Books issues. Long articles (but not as long as a book), and I get to feel somewhat brainy while reading them. Bonus!

7 thoughts on “reading update

  1. Lord of the Rings is always good for a reread every several years. Oh, and anything by Jane Austen. The NYRBs makes me feel really brainy too, at least while I am reading the articles! :)

    • I think I haven’t actually read Emma or Northanger Abbey, so I might check those out this year! I love Austen. I’ve re-read Lord of the Rings sooooo many times, might need to wait another year or two for another re-read.

  2. ha. this is weird but this morning i woke up and one of the first thoughts i had was “i wonder if daphne still reads the new york review of books.” i have no idea what made me think of that, but its odd that i pop over here and see you had mentioned it.

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