all the books you could want in 6 oz.

Yep. I did it.

I got a Kindle! I got the littlest, tiniest, lightest (cheapest) one Amazon offers. The impetus was trying to pack really really light for my trip, but now that I have it, I kinda like it. I just got it today. I love how small and light it is. And the text is really easy to read.

I went back and forth over getting the regular Kindle or the Kindle Touch. Ultimately I went with the regular one because it was lighter and smaller, and because I don’t ever take notes when reading. I’m noticing that when using the non-touch Kindle, I keep trying to touch the screen, but I know I’ll get used to it quickly.

So I’ve been having fun all night loading it up with classics. I realize I still have a big huge Harry Potter entry to write, as well as a Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle and soon a Princess and Curdie… but oh well. Now I can’t wait to start a book on the Kindle. What should it be? I’d like to start the Elizabeth von Armin (Solitary Summer) but I think I’ll save that for the plane. Maybe Anna Karenina.

Kindle readers: recommendations? I only have… well, 16 books downloaded so far.

I have a feeling that for all my hemming and hawing and waiting, I’m going to be an instant convert to the e-readers.

Going skiing this weekend (cross-country). Been snowing all week in the Sierras and is supposed to be sunny and mild all weekend: perfect. And apres-ski is a perfect time to read classics, while having some hot cocoa, right?

6 thoughts on “all the books you could want in 6 oz.

  1. Isn’t it fun? I’ve got about 80 too 100 books on my Kindle so far and I seem to add more every few weeks. Load up on von Arnim. Dickens too of course and Henry James and Wilkie Collins and Edith Wharton and Kafka and and and…. Project Gutenberg is an e-book reader’s best friend :)

    • It is fun! Way more fun than I anticipated. As it turns out, I had a few more chapters of my George MacDonald book to read but it was due back at the library today, and it was available for free, so I downloaded it and will finish the book digitally this weekend! I have a Dickens and a Wilkie and a Wharton, but I will add James and Kafka for sure. I’m very excited. What a great incentive to read classics.

  2. Whoo! I have the Touch and I LOVE it. I didn’t want the fire since it’s basically a tablet and I’m not into all the silly games and apps, I just wanted to be able to READ and I love how the ink screens look. Make sure to check amazon regularly as they frequently update their freebies. I have 104 books loaded onto mine right now and I think I only paid for 4 of them. You can search for the top 100 free by genre. Most of the times the classics are free. :D

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