travel wrapup: quirky photos

Well, I intended to report on the last few days of Amsterdam but apparently I already put lots of those photos in the first post. Oh well.

Instead, we will do something much more fun. Here are some of the quirkier photos I took. Enjoy!

Here is a woman attempting to defend her pastry from the bakery kitty. I would have been more than happy to share with the cutiepie (the cat, not the lady) but he was not interested in my pastry, only this poor woman’s.

Here we have very rude (but colorful!) dwarves. I place this phenomenon in the “peeing frite” category. Whatever that category is. Rude in animate objects?

Next up we have righteous maids at the hotel. I happen to agree with this, but thought this was kind of funny. Also a little bossy. You there! Are the lights off?!?

Always happy to see a rainbow flag being proudly flown. Even if I wouldn’t be allowed inside this fine establishment.

Also, lest you think Amsterdam all clean and shiny, may I present to you a very dirty street corner. Here is something handy for if you are a man and happen to be in the right place at the right time with the right need… just pull up to an open urinal and have at it, like the gentleman here pictured! Broad daylight, street corner, why not?

And now for the cute portion of our slideshow: cutie cute doggies in adorable situations:

I’ll leave you with this: A drunken man wearing a frog hat, balancing a flowerpot on his cranium. He made it about a block or so! I was impressed.

Oh, the things you see when you travel. Anyway. That was my trip. It was good fun, and I’m very glad to be home, where the fries do not pee (that I know of, anyway) and gnomes generally do not flip you the bird as you walk down the street.

3 thoughts on “travel wrapup: quirky photos

  1. Excellent photos! The woman does not look pleased about the cat’s interest in her pastry. I love the gnomes! I want one for my garden! The drunk guy cracked me up :)

  2. I’m at a conference with my friend Carrie, and just read this. I giggled, so I tried to read the line that made me laugh – “I’m very glad to be home, where the fries do not pee” – but the more I thought about it the harder I laughed. I had tears running down my face and literally could not stop laughing long enough to read it – I had to turn the computer to face her so she could read it. I’m still wiping tears from my cheeks and giggling.

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