my new project

So I’ve decided: I need to get out more.

Here’s my new project.

I’m going to try and visit a new business/coffeeshop/restaurant/thing each weekend. I barely know my new(ish) town; this must be remedied. There are a few breakfast places around and I’d like to try those. Breakfast is easy to do by yourself, and maybe I can drag someone along occasionally. I’ve tried both movie places and they’re both good. I need to visit the various independent businesses, try a few more dinner places, check out the few places that have live music sometimes, etc. Get myself a little more familiar with the town so that when people come and want to go out, I have a place to take them, rather than saying, “Um, actually, I have no idea.” I need some “favorites.” Right now my favorite place is the library. This is not a bad thing. But I could use a favorite dinner place.

I’m going to start this weekend with the local independent coffeehouse. Now, I love my Peet’s coffee and tea, but I need a cozy coffeeshop in which to do all this journal writing I’m also embarking upon, and there’s one right downtown and it’s very popular and has great people-watching potential. So. I will go there with journal and books and settle in and see what’s to see. I may even ride my bike over there. It’s even open late, so if I don’t get to it early in the day, I can go over in the evening and check out the nightlife from the safety of the coffeeshop.

Time to make some friends, meet some locals, get involved. Do some writing. Figure out some projects. Think about what I want to do with this life I’ve been given back.

I’m going to start volunteering at the Humane Society as well. I figured I can take photos and write descriptions. And if, you know, there’s a kitten or two who need snuggling, well, I guess I could do that too. And my volunteer shifts for the performing arts theater will start too. I’d like to make some local friends, you know? That would be nice.

Operation Get To Know The Town: starting this Saturday.


12 thoughts on “my new project

  1. Are you writing anything creative, or in your journal mostly? On my free night (since my ex and I are still sharing the house, we get to each have a night free away), I tend to end up at Chapters and do lots of journal writing. Last night I went to the National Art Gallery of Canada, which is open until 8 on Thursday nights, and spent some glorious time looking at art. It’s been such a hard winter, and it sounds like yours is up and down, too. So I hope that finding new places helps you see that good things are waiting for you now. For both of us. I wish I could do more than send you a virtual hug, but here’s one anyway *hug*

    • Thanks, Susan, I know you’ve have a hard one too. I am just doing journal writing now. I would love to try fiction! But I have no idea where to start. I was thinking of going through Writing Down The Bones as a place to start, just to *do* something. We’ll see. Hugs back!

  2. That is an awesome plan. In addition to the adventures of discovering things about your new town, you also are contributing to the local economy which is a good thing. Reading your thoughts about sitting at a coffee shop, journaling and people-watching immediately takes my
    mind to Newford and the Charles de Lint book I just read. Hope you not only have a wonderful time exploring but that you’ll share with us too.

    And while I’m chatting here, is there an option when you can have a “notify me of new posts” check box on your site down by the follow-up comments?

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