this is a beautiful thing

Chocolate Guinness Cake. 

Oh, it is a dangerous thing to be home alone on a Saturday night. What to do… what to do… I know, I’ll make a huge chocolate cake! For me. One person. Yep.

Oh well. Actually I can probably feed this to a few people over the next couple of days if I’m lucky, and then take the rest to work.

Dang. It’s good.

In related news: I really need to get out more.


16 thoughts on “this is a beautiful thing

  1. Now why would you need to get out if you can make yourself something delicious like that?!?! :)

    One of our friends made us Guiness ice cream last year when she was experimenting with a bunch of ice cream flavors. It was very good.

  2. YUM!!! It looks so gooooood. Why go out when you can make desserts like that? lol talk about feeding your soul – there’s all kinds of ways to feel safe and taken care of, and making a big gooey chocolate cake is a wonderful way. *smacking lips* can I have a teeny slice? it’s a good thing you’re on the other side of the continent from me!

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