more beauty

The orange tree burst into flower yesterday. It was over 90 degrees and the heat brought out the perfume. It smelled absolutely heavenly. 

Yesterday was a perfect day. Friday was a total crap day. But yesterday? Perfect.

My aunt came to visit and we had a lovely time. We sat and talked and talked, and then had lunch outside at the table on the patio. Then we decided to go to the library and spent over an hour there, looking at books and talking about our favorite ones (see? perfect!). The rest of the visit was just as wonderful.

Today I am going to try and extend this wonderfulness. The last few weeks have felt icky in lots of ways. I’m going to make a concerted effort to combat it and see if this week can’t be a really good week. Starting with yesterday, continuing today. I resolved this morning not to do any chores today. Instead, I’m going to spend as much of today as I can right here with a stack of books and magazines:

Tomorrow I’ll do a little work in the garden, but that won’t count as chores because it’s so fun to get it all put together right now. A few more photos from the yard:

I had forgotten how lovely the yard is this time of year. My potatoes (in the blue buckets) are going great. I’ve got the tomatoes planted (bed on the right), and cucumbers and squash and lettuce seeds going (bed on the left). Beans and peas on the trellises in the back. Everything looks vaguely overgrown and lush — my favorite.

But those orange blossoms… Perhaps my new favorite scent of all time.

4 thoughts on “more beauty

  1. Your yard looks so lovely! I love the smell of orange blossoms. They are one of the few flowers that don’t bother my allergies. Plus, well, they just smell good. Hope you got to have a nice day relaxing and reading!

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