a few photos from the day

Watered the garden. Grow little tomatoes, grow!

Finn watching through the window. 

Puppy love.

Such a good, sweet, adorable, gentle, best girl ever puppydog.

Back home to enjoy those orange blossoms some more. Amazing scent.

Kitty who won’t stay still long enough for me to get a photo.

Russian fur boots. So cute.

Sorry, no Thomas pictures today.

It was good to see the doggie. What a good girl. I’m glad she’s with T. — she is obviously very well cared-for and loved. We had a nice walk at the dog park, driving around town, having some ice cream, laying around in the shade. I didn’t cry, although it wasn’t real fun driving her back and giving her a goodbye smooch on that cute blonde head.

I’m supposed to go out in about an hour to a music show. Really? At 9:30? I am getting old.

6 thoughts on “a few photos from the day

  1. Lovely pictures! I’m sorry you had to part with your puppy. And yes, I too find 9:30 too late for a music show to start. ;) We went to a concert on a weekday a couple weeks ago and didn’t make it through the whole show!

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