cat report (with video!)

Thomas the cat gets to be outside sometimes now. He is a good boy and comes when he is called, and it’s usually a pretty dramatic reaction when I call him:(and yes, that is cat-grass barf on the rug in the last shot — I didn’t notice it until after I’d said, “Good boy, Thomas!” Yeah, real great, Thomas.)

Finn is continuing to look adorable with his little cut-velvet suit and boots. So soft.

I think T. just got an apartment so my time with him is limited (he will go live with her), which makes me so sad. I have tried very hard to think of him as my “foster kitty” and not get too attached, but of course that is futile and he’s got my heart. I will miss him. T. is of course an excellent kitty-parent and he’ll be loved and pampered and get tons more attention than I can give him, but I am still sad and will miss that little fluff.

It will be nice to have the house not divided, of course (the kitties don’t get along and I have a gate in the hallway to keep them separated, which nobody likes). And Thomas will have the full run of the house again, which he’ll love. It’s best for everyone. It’s still hard, though. That Finn is so darn adorable. Right now he is curled up on the bed with his whole face buried in his fluffy tail. I think he’s been cold since his haircut.

So, pretty soon, it will be just me and Thomas in the house. As much as I’ll miss Finn, I’m looking forward to not having to divide my time between the two kitties; no matter where I am, someone is unhappy, and that has been a little difficult. Thomas is a good companion and now that he’s able to be outside with me, that little puppycat and I will spend lots of time together. I’m so glad I have him. Such a good boy. And so… energetic!

4 thoughts on “cat report (with video!)

  1. Thomas running you call is so adorable! He is a puppycat. It will be hard to let Finn go but there will be an upside too as you note. Still, I totally understand!

    • I know. It’s good, but it’s still sad. I am going to miss him.

      Cat barf: ugh. He actually runs inside to do it. I have to go get him and put him back out, while he’s heaving. Poor cat.

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