where I’ve been

So busy for some reason, but I did manage to escape to a magical place in the high hills, with funky dome-shaped tent cabins, and lots of silence and hot water.It was so wonderful, I can’t even tell you. I think I need two weeks there, seriously. It makes me realize that I still have work to do here, de-stressing my life (and my body — lots of residual stress still hanging around), resting more, exercising more, and finding some kind of new direction.

Other than that, I have been busy with last-minute help for T. as she settled into her new place (gathering up items from the house, etc.), doing a bunch of freelance work (until my computer decided to have a fit — argh!), and trying to rest as much as possible. Lots of transitions happening and it’s all swirling around me. I’m a little overwhelmed — not in a bad way, just a little off-balance.

I’ll be gone this weekend as well, as my dad needs some help clearing out the attic. Not all that fun of a chore but I’ll see my brother and his fiancee, and my best friend and my parents. So that will be good, even if it involves two 12-hour drives; ugh.

Just for posterity, I did read another book, The Marriage Plot (eh, it was okay). I’m reading The White Devil and it’s excellent. I checked out seven books on CD for the trip (because one never knows what one will want to listen to on a long journey). Reviews soon, when things calm down a little.

Whew. It’s all good stuff, just change and activity and too much busyness.

7 thoughts on “where I’ve been

  1. I thought about reading The WHite Devil but the reviews on amazon are so tepid. (I hate the reviews on amazon but I read them anyway.) I look forward to your review before I check it out…. Your camping yurt/cabin thingy looks like a great idea…my kind of camping. :)

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