and then there were two.

It’s just me and Thomas in the house now. 

T. found a place, and she already has Chelsea. She had asked for Finn way back in November, but couldn’t take him until now. Yesterday she was finally ready for him so I packed him up and drove him to her house. It’s quite far away, at least an hour, and we got lost and he was yowling the whole time. I was sad, but I know he is going to have a really good life with her. He and Thomas couldn’t ever get along (two adult males, one alpha and one clearly terrified of other kitties) and neither of them were happy with the arrangement I devised: a gate, literally in the middle of the house. Thomas had the front half, and Finn the back. It worked all right except that one kitty was always on the wrong side of the gate (whichever side I was not in). Either Thomas would sit at the gate and cry and bite the bars, or Finn would huddle next to the gate and look longingly through the bars and squeak pitifully. It was heartbreaking and stressful for all of us. Now he will have the whole apartment to himself and someone to love him all day long. He’s going to be very happy. T. says he’s already settling in like he’s been there for years. So I’m not as sad as I might be otherwise; I know he’s truly getting a better life than I could give him, in the current circumstances.

Thomas is fully enjoying his new status as king of the house. Currently he is lounging in the best, most-coveted kitty spot in the whole house:

Cat perch, in the sun, in the bedroom, next to a slightly opened window, looking out at birds. It doesn’t get much better.

He has hurt himself slightly — his tail isn’t working right. He has Erect-tail Dysfunction (oh, I kill me). It’s getting a little better but if he continues to have problems I’ll take him in. He seems okay, but his tail isn’t, well, perky. I think he hurt himself sometime in the last couple days.

I’m exhausted. Two weekends away, cleaning out my dad’s attic (I need to do a blog post about my treasures!), kitty transfer… this weekend I’m planning on making some orange marmalade and organizing the garage, but I don’t know how much of that will happen. I might… well, stay in bed.

I have been reading, and I need to make some notes before I forget everything. Is it just me, or does no one have time to blog anymore? I just haven’t felt like it lately…

9 thoughts on “and then there were two.

  1. Love the erectail dysfunction :p I’m glad that everything seemed to work out ok! And I can’t WAIT to hear about that orange marmalade :D That is one of my very favorite things in the world!! Well…orange anything is my favorite :p

  2. Yeah, I can’t grow my own oranges, given where I live, but I might want to try making orange marmalade anyway. Let me know how it goes and how to make it.

    Also, erect-tail dysfunction is hilarious.

  3. Oh Daphne, what a year you have been having! I am glad that Thomas doesn’t have to haunt you when you are not there with him, that he can snuggle with you all the time now. That’s wonderful for both of you now.

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