Bunch of Books: Reviewed

Sooo behind on book reviews. However, just for posterity, here are some mini-reviews of what I’ve been reading.

The Marriage Plot: meh. I didn’t love it. I liked it, it was kind of interesting, but I really didn’t care about any of the characters, didn’t really feel there was all that much of a plot, and it was pretty obvious that neither guy was great for her, so…. what was the point, again? My book club felt the same way.

The White Devil: I liked this quite a bit. It was pretty creepy in the beginning, and then as the book went on, it was a nice mixture of creep, mystery, lit-history and English boarding school, all things I like. It also did not really have a happy ending, which I appreciated. Ghostly apparitions, Lord Byron lore, tuberculosis, abandoned cisterns, disaffected youth… what’s not to like?

Across The Nightingale Floor and Grass For His Pillow: These qualify as samurai-adventure stories, I guess, which is a first for me. I listened to these on audio and they were quite good, at least via audio. The readers were great and the story blended ancient Japan, samurais, mythology and a bit of fantasy (but just a wee bit), plus some really heartfelt romance. I have a feeling they would be a tiny bit cheesy in print form, but as audio, they were really engaging and I loved all the characters and the backstory. A little sparse on the hows and whys, but great pensive mood and really interesting details from Japan of long long ago.

I think that’s it? It always seems like more when you’re actually reading the books. My next book is The Happiness Project, which I’ve heard mixed reviews on. I’m more curious than anything — I feel like I’ve got my own formula for happiness and I’m working on it daily, but I feel like so much of the self-help industry for happiness is utter BS designed to actually make you more unhappy and feel even more inadequate than you already do, so I’m curious what she has to say.

And in other news, I made orange marmalade today and it is AWESOME. I’m making more next weekend, and possibly another batch after that. It’s just that awesome.

5 thoughts on “Bunch of Books: Reviewed

  1. James and did Across the Nightingale Floor on audio not long after the book first came out and liked it a lot. Then I tried to read the second book when it came out and it was a flop for me, didn’t even make it past the first 20 pages.

    Glad your marmalade turned out so well!

  2. im intrigued by the happiness project too. but I’m also completely in agreement that it could just be wrong in so many ways.
    have you seen augusten burroughs new book? its kind of self help as well, but i think with a slightly humorous bent.

  3. I have the White Devil waiting for me at the library tomorrow, because of your comment on my post! I’m so excited, so I was extra glad to read here that you did enjoy the whole book. Good! I’ll let you know how I like it.

    I’m also curious to know how you will like The Happiness Project.

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