house photos, as-is

Don’t you get tired of over-styled house/home blogs? We’ll have none of that here. Here, as promised, are some photos of my full-of-possibilities house, as-is, taken just now, without any cleaning up at all.

The entry (also known as the left side of the living room). New is the very-old rug,  purchased by my great-grandmother on her travels to the Holy Land. There is one more, much larger, that I will bring down sometime from my dad’s, whenever I can (or whenever someone drives down to see me). Photos are childhood photos, not-very-artistically arranged. It works for now.

Here’s the rest of the living room. The red quilt is probably as old as I am. My mom made it long ago. I love it so much.

Next is the dining room. Kind of bare, but a bookshelf full of treasures from my childhood. Excuse the corncobs on the table — that was my lunch. (see? I didn’t clean up at all for you. You’re welcome)

More books, and Raggedy Ann and Andy that my mom made. Love them.

Kitchen, after canning something like 24 jars of orange marmalade.

First almost-empty room: the art room. Maybe to become the office/guest room.

Next mostly-empty room: the office. Probably to become art room (bigger!)

My bedroom. Not empty. (thankfully)

Master bathroom (otherwise known as the Closet Bathroom — so tiny!)

Main bathroom, with the skylight that I love:

Let’s go outside now! I spent the majority of the morning trimming trees and mowing the lawn — I even have two blisters to show for it. It’s 94 and beautiful right now.

Garden (tomatoes)

Garden: cucumbers and zucchini:

Herb garden. I love growing herbs. I want more.

Thomas loves the yard. His newest trick is climbing the crabapple tree.

There you have it! House in its current form. And now, time to finish reading a book, make some salad, and no more chores for me today. yay!


8 thoughts on “house photos, as-is

  1. Very nice Daphne! I had that minibus with the little people when I was a kid! And my cousin made me a Raggedy Ann that I still have. Your garden is looking great.

  2. i love home shots! this is my kind of post.

    lucy came up behind me as i was reading this and she asked, “why ya looking at pictures of toys?” ha.

  3. I love getting a peak inside people’s homes and you are right: this has much potential. Lot’s of space, lots of light and a great garden = perfect!

  4. Love! You have a beautiful home and I am jealous. We are in a tiny apartment these days, but one day I hope to have a yard like yours and an art room.

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