bumper crop


Lots of plums.

Plums as far as the eye can see.

I got a ton of plums from the plum tree this year. It’s still shedding them nonstop. I have dubbed the tree “The Giving Tree.” Except.. please stop giving. 

I like the plums, and they make excellent snacks and dessert. And I’m trying to keep up with the smashed fallen ones but there are just so many. Unfortunately, rotting plums attract yellowjackets, as poor little Thomas found out today:

Giant puffy swollen paw (it looks worse in person). So I guess I’d better go pick up plums. I hate to waste them, but I can’t eat or preserve the gallons of plums out there. I was going to make plum fruit leather… and I still might. But I’m getting a headache and it’s very warm and I think I need to take a nap with Thomas right now.


8 thoughts on “bumper crop

  1. OMG I wish I lived next door to you!!! I freaking LOVE plums!! When they’re ripe and super sweet they are my absolute favorite fruit. You have me craving them so bad right now!!!! LOL…I just told Matt we may have to make a run to the store :p Poor Thomas :( I hope his poor little paw feels better soon :(

  2. Wow, you really do have a bumper crop! Is there a food shelf nearby you can donate some of them to? Food shelves here will take extras from gardens, maybe they do there too? Poor Thomas, hope his paw is better soon!

    • The problem is that many of them are bruised — so they’re okay to cook with immediately, but not really so good for sitting at a food bank for even a day or two. Oh well.

      Thomas is doing so much better!

  3. I would like to live on the other side of Chris, so I can also eat all your plums.

    Poor little Thomas. He looks so pitiful!

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