garden update

Thomas is back inside where he belongs. He does not agree with me on this point.

Yesterday I went to the nursery and had some fun. Salvias, geraniums, so many pretty things. I had to really think hard about each plant or I would have gotten far too many.

Geraniums under the bedroom window. I’d like to do something climbing here eventually, but not sure what. In the meantime, geraniums are pretty and easy. They join the volunteer alyssum patch, nasturtiums and pots of mint.

Under the lilacs: hot pink and blue salvia, lamb’s ear, and some tall apricot-flowered thing that I forgot the name of.

More of the pretty pink salvia to join the hummingbird plant, which is huge and leggy and needs to be trimmed back.

Catmint, which I may or may not regret planting (we’ll see how many of the neighborhood kitties show up…)

The vegetable garden. The lettuce (blank patch in front on the left) was a total failure this year, but everything else is doing well. The right raised bed is all tomatoes, which are doing fantastic and I’m soooo excited about them. Zucchini is doing wel, cucumbers are starting to produce, potatoes seem to be okay, beans are climbing, peppers are going gangbusters.

Not sure what I am going to do with all these peppers… (ancho, and something called “Inferno.” Can you dry peppers? Would I want to?)

Of course, with tomatoes like these, the obvious answer is salsa!

Not forgetting beloved kitties at rest, I put this pretty coleus in Cleo’s wine-barrel grave planter. Miss my sweet kitty girls so much.

Thomas watches all of this, giving me his opinion about staying inside more now. He got to come out for a bit earlier. He was very good, just stayed in the yard, and then went back in the house on his own. I don’t think he’s very eager to explore outside the yard for awhile.


9 thoughts on “garden update

  1. the garden looks great!

    ok weird question–did you bury cleo in the planter? I’m curious because i know my old lady cat isn’t long for this world and i’ve been having an internal debate about what to do with her when she passes. there’s a pet place close by that takes care of such matters but the idea of keeping her close to home appeals to me.

    • She is actually *under* the planter, in the ground, in a little cardboard coffin. I put the massive planter on top to protect against any, um, invaders. Also to mark the spot. You might consider group cremation — not as expensive as the single cremation, and you can still keep her with you in whatever fashion you want (in a box, in a planter, etc.). Poor old lady kitty Isabelle… send her some grumpy kitty loves for me.

  2. Love love love this post!!!! So many awesome things :D I can’t wait to go to the nursery and go crazy. We have so many awesome nurseries here, but with my little apartment, I’ve already gone more crazy than I should :/ Once I get a house..well that will be a different story :p Everything looks so good!

    You can dry peppers and grind them into a powder! Then you have chilie powder! Or you can just dry them and throw them into a dish like a stir fry or any kind of thai dish to add a nice spice to it. As for the lettuce, has it been really hot in your area? Lettuce will not grow in the heat! I have a little pot of lettuce and it’s doing awful too…I thought I’d try :p But I knew from the beginning it probably wouldn’t grow. Try planting some seed again once it cools off..for here that won’t be until October, but you’ll have beautiful lettuce just from sprinkling some seed and tamping it just barely into the soil once it cools off :)

  3. You can also freeze the peppers, just slice them in half and remove the seeds. If you got catmint you should be fine. I have lots of catmint growing and it does marvelous and no cats have ever bothered it. Catnip, on the other hand, if you want to be the party house for the neighborhood cats, that will do it.

    • So far, so good on the catmint. It’s so pretty. It makes good tea, right? I had some catnip in a pot but got tired of the pot being tipped over and dragged all over the yard by kitties getting into it at night…

  4. I was going to add that you can freeze the peppers, but Stefanie has beaten me to it. They are one of the few vegetables that does not need any prior prep. Just stick them in a bag and pop in the freezer. I am growing cat mint as well, but I’ve tried it from seed and although it germinated quickly, it slowed down and then…nothing. The dill grew fast and furious until this weekend I noticed all the fronds were disappearing. It was then I discovered 3 caterpillars that I believe are Black Swallowtail butterflies…or will be if I can keep them alive long enough. I ran out and purchased some mature parsley plants in the hopes of keeping them in food. Within an hour, two of them had crawled up onto the parsley stems!

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