camping weekend!

Went camping last weekend at a wonderful place in Guerneville called Schoolhouse Canyon. Officially now my new favorite camping spot. It was wonderful for many reasons, but one of the very best reasons was the amazing private swimming hole, perfect for dogs and people (and babies riding dogs). Deep enough for real swimming but the perfect temperature — cooling and refreshing, not cold. We stayed out for hours (sorry, no pics of me in a bathing suit… nope.) The entire weekend was wonderful and relaxing (that’s my friend Janet and her cute pup, Jesse). Two nights of perfect camping bliss.

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9 thoughts on “camping weekend!

  1. Looks AMAZING!!! I haven’t been camping in like 10 years. When we went we went just outside of Austin with about 20 people, played music and drank around a campfire all night, slept under the stars and then went tubing down a river the next day…definitely one of the best memories of my life so far :) Need to do that again!

  2. Kind of jealous. I loved camping as a kid and it’s been more than a few years since I got out to do it. I definitely want to get my little boy to experience it.

  3. I am envious of your trip, that place looks amazing. I really need to start planning some summer vacations like this. I grew up swimming in places like that and have avoided doing so for much of my adult life and am not sure why. Being in the water on a warm summer day is great!

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