weekend update

After a long week (why are some weeks so much longer than others?), it’s finally the weekend! Sir Thomas Tigger Tiger Tikky is feeling much better these days. He had some problems with anxiety and some bizarre symptoms related to that, but I’ve been doing “play therapy” with him every day (10 minutes with the Da Bird feather flyer seems to do it!) and that seems to be making a difference. He LOVES that thing. He is also a big fan of paper bags.

He gets to go outside with me (supervised) and ever since his late-night adventure, he’s shown much less interest in whatever is over the fence. Sometimes he races around the yard at full-tilt speed, tail straight up, leaping and bounding over the grass. He looks so happy. I’m so glad he is here with me.

My garden is doing well although I’m puzzled by some things. The lemon cucumbers did not do well at all. I think I started them too late. I have ONE lemon cuke (one cucumber… three plants! So sad!). I’m glad the others that I had (which I planted from starts, not seeds) did well. The zucchini continue to do well (of course) and my chili peppers did quite well too. Not sure what I am going to do with them. We’ll see how the tomatoes continue to do — I might do a batch of salsa and use up some peppers, or I might get crazy and make up a batch of homemade hot sauce! I decided to plant a winter garden: kale, chard, some lettuce and some Napa cabbage. I’m not sure how it will go — I think I need to do some soil fortifying before I plant the seeds. The beans are about ready to come down and I have half a garden plot ready to be planted as well. The rest of the garden is still growing well enough so I’ll leave it. I am not sure — do I plant starts in little seedling cups now, since I have to wait for the rest of the garden to finish before replanting it? Time to do a little garden research.

I did have a bunch of tomatoes today and although I’ve been eating caprese salads almost every night for a few weeks now, I wasn’t making a big enough dent. So it was time to can tomatoes! I canned salsa last year but this was my first attempt at just tomatoes. I opted for a hot-pack, with crushed tomatoes. I got six pints this time around but there are plenty of tomatoes on the vine, so hopefully I’ll have lots more to can. I’m tempted to go up to Brentwood and get some more tomatoes just to can to have on-hand over the winter, but the pioneer in me wants to just can only what I grow myself. We’ll see. Maybe a late-season harvest, when they want to get rid of al the tomatoes and are selling them cheap. If I don’t have enough. Last year I was still gathering tomatoes well into October, so we’ll see.

Not as hot lately, which is nice. It’s been 95-100 degrees for a few weeks and today it was around 80 — so pleasant. I got my copy of Gone Girl from the library and I am SO EXCITED. I think I need to stop writing now and go read. It’s a 7-day loan so that’s my excuse to pause my other reading and dive right in.

15 thoughts on “weekend update

  1. I almost bought a bushel or so of tomatoes at the market this week, thinking I’d make salsa or can them. Now I kind of wish I had. My cousin tells me salsa isn’t hard, but labour intensive and best done with a friend. Thoughts?

    • Salsa is definitely not hard. I didn’t find it labor-intensive (what IS it with you Canadians your use of the superfluous “u”s???) — but then, I really enjoy dicing vegetables and find it meditative.

  2. The tomatoes look GORGEOUS :D I have one finally ripening on the vine :p And you’re not the only one with cucumber woes :p I always have the WORST luck with them.

  3. Gone Girl was good – have you read her other novels? Sharp Objects and then I can’t remember the other one. Both great.

    Speaking of tomatoes my jaw dropped when I saw your picture. The weather here has been so crap we’ve taken I think four tomatoes off four plants so far. Granted I’ve been gardening this summer under a system of benign neglect, but since the tomatoes are J’s responsibility I feel no personal shame for this. In any case, I’d love to have enough to even make a fresh salse!

    Love the lanterns on your header, by the way.

  4. My tomatoes are ripening too but it’s taking FOREVER! Cukes for me have been hit or miss. I had so many that I still have jars of pickles leftover from last year. But this year they boycotted and I have gotten three all summer. I give up. :)

    • I’m stuck right now trying to decide whether to tear them out to make space for winter stuff… They don’t seem to be doing much more, and I’m eager to get my seeds and starts planted, so I might do that this week. I have a ton of tomatoes, however…

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