R.I.P. Reading Extravaganza!

I’m not sure how many years I’ve participated in Carl’s RIP Challenge… maybe this is year four? Maybe five? Anyway, it’s my favorite time of year, reading my favorite kind of books, so I’m always up for this!

As usual, I follow this challenge loosely — my own personal guidelines are that I read exclusively RIP books (gothic, horror, thriller, etc.) for September and October. I will have to make an exception this month to read my book club book (The Sense of an Ending), but other than that, it’s all RIP, all the time.

I’ve already started. I just finished Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl (loved!). Here’s what else I plan to read in the next two months:

  • Carrion Comfort, by Dan Simmons. Wanted to read this for awhile.
  • Hell Train: have heard good things about this, if I can find it…
  • Ghost Stories by M.R. James
  • The October Country, Ray Bradbury. Love him.
  • Miss Peregrin’s School for Peculiar Children

That’s enough to start; I’m sure I’ll find some more at the library and pick up hints as others read and post. I’m also hoping to watch a bunch of scary movies.

Lots of stuff happening here lately; I might be slow in posting. All good stuff, but distracting. However, there’s always time to read, right?!

15 thoughts on “R.I.P. Reading Extravaganza!

  1. Thanks for the reminder about Bradbury. I saw a really nice newly released version of the October Country collection in Barnes and Noble last year and my plan was to pick it up to read for this October. I’ll have to go by there today to check it out.

    You have been a part of R.I.P. for a long time and I’m so appreciative of that, also giddy to see you back again this year. I’m going to do my best to read exclusively R.I.P. stuff these two months although I see a couple of unrelated nonfiction reads possibly creeping their way in. Still, it will be mostly the creepy stuff because that the mood this time of year generates, even when the weather is as-yet uncooperative.

    • I don’t think I’ve ever read October Country, so I’m looking forward to it. I love reading exclusively RIP books, but I do have to make an exception for my book club book! Other than that, it’s all creep all the time!

  2. I’ve been thinking of reading Miss Peregrine’s as well. Just finished The Onion Girl and am working on Widdershins. That man is a genius.

  3. I have The October Tree, and I don’t think I’ve read it yet. I’ll be reading yours and Chris’s reviews :-) I read Carrion Comfort long ago when i was pregnant with my first child, and I had a terrible nightmare from it, and didn’t finish it – this was 24 year ago! and I’ve never forgotten the dream either. Yet he is an excellent writer,is Dan Simmons. Maybe one day I’ll screw up my courage to try it again….meanwhile I hope you really enjoy it. I have Hell Train on my RIP list! and I own MR James collected ghost stories – I’ve read some, you are in for a treat with them.

    I want to read Gone Girl so much, 600 people ahead of me on the library list.

    Enjoy the challenge, Daphne! I really like your list you have. Also waiting for your thoughts on Miss Peregrine, too :-)

    • Yes, I’m a little leery of starting Carrion Comfort but I think it will be just what I’m looking for. I just got the James ghost stories from the library — so excited! I got Gone Girl from the library — it took awhile to get my copy, but they have it as a 7-day loan so it went fast. Worth the wait!

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