Book: Gone Girl

Another bad girl from Gillian Flynn. I swear, this woman is fast becoming one of my very favorite authors. I get so tired of sweet, good-at-heart heroines with no other strong woman characters to balance this out. I love, love, love her nasty, mean, evil women characters. Even her not-so-mean ones are pretty flawed. It’s so refreshing.

Along those lines, I have to say that for the first half of this book, I was worried. I mean, the husband was looking like a royal, class-A dick, but the wife… well, I mean, she wasn’t perfect, but…

Oh, but then. THEN! Then it happens. And then you KNOW. And then it’s FANTASTIC. I actually cheered out loud.

Such a great page-turner. You think you know, but then you don’t. And some of it is unbelievable, but it’s such a fun ride that you don’t care. At least, I didn’t care. It was fascinating and dark and twisted and perfect.

That said… I think this is my third favorite of her books. I loved her first two so much, and as much as it’s pleasurable to see someone get what’s coming to them (in many ways), I really loved her first two main characters. They were so flawed and brutal, yet almost sympathetic. They had earned their wounds, their darkness. They had stories. In this book, you aren’t quite sure why the characters are the way they are. Some of it is upbringing, circumstances… but is the rest… simply because one of them is a sociopath? This is not called out per se but I think there’s a pretty strong case for this.

It doesn’t matter — I give this a 4.5 stars. The other two were solid 5s, I think.

I was on a really long wait list at the library and it finally arrived, but was only a 7-day loan so I had to race through it. I still had it two days too long, but it was worth the .20 cents.


7 thoughts on “Book: Gone Girl

  1. I mentioned on another review, one that was not so keen on the book, that I see this one all over the place. It is definitely one of THE books for RIP this year. Always fun to see which books those will be.

  2. Like I told you after I read her others, I find her main characters almost TOO flawed. They had almost no redeeming qualities, nothing that made them sympathetic. Yes, they had bad experiences, but sometimes I felt like they made no effort to move past them. I have a hard time accepting that, even in my fictional characters :) Glad you enjoyed it so much, though.

  3. I’m still at # 600 on my library list for this book, sadly. Not sure when i will get it to read! I really enjoyed your review (and thank you, no spoilers at all! yaaay), and it makes me want to read this book….possibly next RIP at the rate it’s being read by the users! lol

    Do you like it when you can see why characters are the way they are, or do you like it when it’s not explained? because you mention in Gone Girl not everything is explained about the characters. I like to know why they are the way they are – even if they are born sociopaths, there are usually signs early on. It would be interesting if Gillian Flynn did a book on nature vs nurture on this dark aspect of human nature, don’t you think?

  4. I think I agree with you – I really liked this book but I definitely thought her first two were better. That shift in the middle was absolutely breathtaking, but then I felt like nothing happened…? As in, the MacGuffin is revealed to early? Of course the structure of the story couldn’t have been maintained for much longer without a big reveal. In any case. Still a good read; I’m glad I read it and I’ll still line up at the library for whatever she writes next.

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