things happening

Among which the most awesome is the fact that I finally got those awful junipers pulled from the front of the house. This is about half-way through. It’s so much better. My mom is coming this weekend and we’ll get some new things to plant, something more modern. Goodbye horrible prickly ugly 60-year-old junipers!

Another thing happening is that somehow I managed to turn 38 . I mean, seriously. How does this happen?! There ought to be a law. Celebrated with a special someone, and had amazing chocolate-hazelnut mousse cake for dessert. Nothing wrong with that, my friends. Nothing at all. 

(Being silly, contemplating the amazing cake)

Lots happening here at home, which I probably will eventually talk about here. However, in the meantime, all is well. I’m pretty busy right now but it’s all good.

I did manage to finish The Nasty Bits (Anthony Bourdain) and am currently working on Miss Peregrine’s Home For Unusual Children. I like it, but the links to the photos are always completely obvious/overworked and a little unnecessary. I think it would have worked just as well without the photos. I’m only about halfway through, so maybe it becomes a little less labored (photo-wise). Still, enjoying it.

It’s almost autumn, my favorite time of year. Lots more posts to come, about books and gardens and cooking and so forth; just wanted to pop in with a quick update!


4 thoughts on “things happening

  1. i felt the same thing about the photos in miss peregrine. but i did genuinely enjoy the story.

    that cake looks yummy and fancy.

    and happy belated birthday. i’ll be 36 in a month and it feels so very weird.

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope the whole day was a lovely one. That dessert looks amazing.

    Glad you are enjoying Miss Peregrine. I’m of the opposite camp, to some degree. I mean I do believe the story works fine without the photographs but as an art form of marrying story to image I like it much better with the pictures being a part of it. It isn’t as effective as say, Jack Finney’s use of pictures in Time and Again, but it was an aspect of the book that hooked me in and that I enjoyed.

  3. Happy birthday, Daphne! I hope you have a much better and happier year ahead to come……lots of good surprises too…..

    Juniper trees! we had them in our house in BC when I was a kid, and I had to weed around them. Was always getting scratched by them. I hope a lovely garden goes in there! and you have fun planning and designing it, and then planting :-)

    hmm, a special someone…and you’re reading. Very glad to hear this, you sound happier at last, which is the best present of all :-)

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