a catch-up post in photos

This year I finally got a white Christmas tree. I’ve wanted a white or silver tree for many many years, and this year I finally found one for the right price, that was the right size (6.5 ft) and it’s perfect. I love it. IMG_1128IMG_1126
IMG_1130 IMG_1132I’m actually excited about Christmas this year. I felt inspired to decorate a little. We have some fun plans involving San Francisco light-display touring and a dinner out and going to see the lights at the zoo. Everything feels celebratory and happy, not obligatory and stressful. This is pretty nice, I have to say.

Some other photos to catch you up on where I’ve been… This takes us from Muir Woods and the Pelican Inn when Tammie came to visit at the start of November, to San Francisco (Sutro Baths and an otter spotting! with Tammie as well), to driving home from Oregon, to the Santa Monica trip, to autumn in the backyard, finally wrapping up with some cute Thomas shots.

It’s been so busy, but good. I continue to be so grateful for my current life. Next post: Books!

Muir Woods with Tammie The Pelican Inn Perfect lunch by the fire at the Pelican Sutro Bath ruins, Cliff House OTTER!! Driving home from Oregon Santa Monica PIer Santa Monica Amazing breakfast: bread pudding with baked apples Santa Monica Autumn backyard Thomas exploring the wet yard More gratuitous kitty photos Hiding!!

10 thoughts on “a catch-up post in photos

  1. My darling baby girl. You are so obviously contentedly happy, and it’s so LONG overdue. A very wise woman once told me to keep making those right decisions, and more will happen along the way :). I pass that along to you.

  2. Oh Daphne, this post made me so happy for you!! And full of warm fuzzies. I’m so glad to see things looking up for you :) You deserve all of this goodness and more.

  3. eek! there i am! :)
    i too am so glad you are so happy. happy is a good thing.

    i love your tree! i vow to next year have two trees! the real, good smelling one, and a white or silver or pink one. do i care that i live in a tiny apartment that has no business housing two trees? i do not!

    thomas is adorable.

  4. I like your Christmas decorations! Looks very festive!!! We’ve had spring-like weather here until this morning, and now the snow is falling and the wind is blowing. I’m loving it.

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