not quite a book post but

…there will be one coming soon since I’m over halfway through Carter Beats The Devil and I LOVE IT.

I had to (temporarily) give up on The Gormenghast Trilogy — it is a huge thing, plus it’s extremely slow-moving, and very strange (but lovely) and I think I’ll just have to keep working at it all year. Which means I need to own the book — it’s due at the library yesterday, so. Will work on that one. I hate giving up on it but it’s going to take me awhile and there are other books in the wings that I want to get to.

This year was a strange one for reading. I started off being able to barely read two sentences before I passed out from exhaustion, then I re-read the entire Harry Potter series (love love love) and then it got better. But then I got a life! And so I didn’t read as much. I feel sad about this — I miss reading voraciously — but I suppose having fun and doing new things and traveling and all that is a worthy tradeoff. There will be years in the future where I do lots more reading, I’m sure.

I spent today talking with work folks about very inspirational things: how to help people (and ourselves) realize hopes and dreams, and recover their lives. My life has been recovered, and for the first time in many many years, I know I can truly do whatever I want. So what do I want? Let’s dream a little. What would I do, if I could do anything? I had such a good time today learning and really using my brain, so I’m thinking about school. What would I like to learn?

  • Art Therapy (Therapy in general)
  • Literature (I’d love to get a lit degree just for fun)
  • Critic (I think I’d actually be quite a good critic. Not sure of what. One probably does not go to school for this. But.)
  • Random art classes (I already have an art degree and I know I don’t love having my art being graded. Non-credit classes, however, sound fun)
  • Writing (’cause why not? I realize I can do this without a degree but I loved my writing classes in college)
  • Finish up that minor in Philosophy
  • ….aaaaaand let’s throw in some zoology just for fun.

The only one of these that would be worth anything in the real world is the first, but that’s probably more than I want to take on at this point. However, random art classes and writing classes sound doable. I might have an opportunity to do some theater/storytelling stuff at some point in the near future, so maybe I can work on something there and see what’s what.

I like school. I wish I had money and time to just go to school full-time all the time.

But since I don’t and I can’t, maybe I can do some fun learning just for me.

Here’s to a new beginning.


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