On Christmas Eve, my computer broke. Actually it broke the night before, and then I tried to fix it, but it broke further, so I had to take it to the Apple store and thankfully they fixed it and it was only $19 which seems like some kind of Christmas miracle. So I upgraded my OS and things seem to be fine now.

The DVD player is also woefully inadequate — it is about 15 years old, and although it still works, I wanted to be able to access Amazon Prime movies and such, and right now to do that I have to hook up the (previously broken) computer plus speakers plus the TV and then the computer would freeze sometimes and it was very frustrating. So I got a new one.

First world problems, I know.

And the printer broke. Or, stopped working. Whatever.

So some upgrades are happening, which is a nice way to start the new year. The garage is freshly cleaned out, the house will be Christmassy and cozy for another week or so, and hopefully the Technology Gods will be appeased for another few years.

I hate to think of life as having ‘grades’ or one’s life needing to be upgraded, but things are definitely good. Christmas was lovely, low-key, filled with yummy food and coffee and nice gifts and movies and the kitty and the sweetie. I was perfectly happy and content. The weather outside really was frightful, and the fire (candles in the fireplace) was delightful. I had nowhere to go. No snow, but buckets of very cold rain. We all snuggled under blankets and watched The World’s Fastest Indian and Doctor Who.

I hope you all had holidays wonderful, merry, and bright — I’m home most of this week and am looking forward to neatening up the yard, continuing to get the house ready for 2013, and catching up on rest. I should do a book post this week as well — 2012 was a strange year for books for me, but there were some good ones in there that deserve a mention.

Happy Christmas, and a lovely New Year, all. Thanks for supporting me on this journey. Love to you all.

10 thoughts on “upgrades

  1. I’m happy you had a nice Christmas and am also happy for your upgrades. Yes, they are first world problems but as we live where we live it is nice to have a computer that will actually do the things you want and need it to do. I’ll be using Amazon Prime tonight to watch the latest Dr. Who Christmas Special. Can’t wait!!!

  2. why does everything have to break or stop working at the same time?

    also, printers suck. i would OVERpay for a printer to work for more than a year.

    also, the fact that it only cost $19 to get your computer fixed, is awesome.

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