where have you been?!

It started off so innocently. A trip to Nashville to see my sweetie’s father and stepmother on Valentine’s Day.

However, when we were changing planes in San Diego, we got a call that his mother (living in Florida) had had a major stroke. This wasn’t her first; she’s had several over the years, so we were very worried. We had to board the plane not knowing if she was still with us or not. Thankfully once we got to Nashville, we found out that she was in ICU and doing a little better. We decided to take it step by step and slowly figure out our plan. Eventually we decided that since she had a lot of family there already attending to her, we’d stay a few days in Nashville as planned, and then continue down to Florida to see her, once she was able to speak a little better and remember that we’d been there.

The next day, we went for a Segway tour with his dad and stepmom through Nashville, which was really fun and very interesting all the way up until the last five minutes, when his stepmom had a mishap with the Segway and was down on the ground. So… a few hours of urgent-care doctors and x-rays and his dad dropped us off at home and took his wife to the hospital, where it was determined that… she broke her ankle and needed surgery the next day.  So she stayed the night in the hospital and we all stayed up with dad and uncle, telling stories and laughing, which was much-needed.

The next day we started making our plans to travel to Florida… when we got a call that one of his aunts, who also lived in Florida, had passed away that morning.

So now we had a major illness, a major injury, and a death.

Thankfully the Rule of Three held, and the rest of the trip, though exhausting and emotionally draining, went pretty well. We drove to Florida and saw his mom (who thankfully has started to recover, although we’re still not sure the extent of the stroke). Had some business to take care of at her house, plus family was coming in to attend the funeral, which sadly we had to miss.

So it was kind of… a whirlwind. And not relaxing. But we got to see a lot of family and be there for his mom (and stepmom) when they needed us, and we’ll probably need to go back in a few weeks or months to help with whatever transition is in the future.

So that’s what I’ve been doing. Our four-day trip turned into nine, and we are completely exhausted, but at least we are finally home and I can DO SOME LAUNDRY. Ugh.

4 thoughts on “where have you been?!

  1. Welcome back Daphne. I’m happy you got back safely, and that you were able to include seeing both families on this trip. It was easier to do it this way while out there, than having to fly back out again. Fingers crossed both people make a full recovery.

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