How is it already March 13th?

Life has sped up considerably. I think about blogging often, but things are moving at a fast pace and I rarely have time to sit at the computer anymore. This is good, I think. At least, it’s different, and as Phil said in Groundhog Day, “Anything good is different.” (please note: that’s not true in all cases…)

The family stuff continues with my partner, and that’s taking up a lot of energy and thought. We may have to travel to Florida again soon to help with some stuff there. As well, work is crazy busy and by the time I get home, I am just wanting to watch a movie or read a book and then go to bed. 

However, on that note, I’ve started going for a mile a day — mostly running, some walking. My best friend Erin got me started; she did a whole month of running a mile a day, and it was very inspiring. I haven’t run much since I hurt my knee training for a marathon about 10 years ago (I ran the marathon, but at the expense of my knee), but a mile seemed do-able. And, surprise surprise, it is! I’ve been able to run the entire mile (slowly) most days. On the days when I can’t for some reason (no time between work and after-work activity, for instance) or when getting myself out the door seems like it will take a minor miracle so I’m lucky to even make it to the sidewalk, I walk the mile. Don’t even have to change out of work clothes to walk a mile, and that makes a HUGE difference.

By Day Three, my legs were killing me. By Day Six, they felt better, and now, at Day Thirteen, it feels like old times. Mind you, I am not a fast runner. I never have been. But it’s fun to be able to jog a couple of miles. Or, you know… ONE.

So that’s something positive. 

I’ve also been cooking more. Now that I’m not just cooking for myself, I’m finding inspiration to try recipes and make actual meals. That’s fun too, although again: less time at the computer. Which I do think is a better trend, overall. I spend most of the day on the computer at work and it’s good to have a break. 

And it’s gardening time here in the Bay Area… I have some big plans, including making plans to take out the front lawn. I’ll definitely post about gardening stuff. 

I will try to post at least once a week… I like staying in touch with ya’ll and having this blog as a record of what’s going on. Lately, too much has been going on. But that’s okay. 

In book news: I finished Shogun — I will write a review soon! It was awesome. 

4 thoughts on “What?!

  1. I’ve been following your running, I’m so happy you are able to do it! I try to walk at least a mile a day…..my goal once our snow melt, is to get back to three miles a day. I know about the sore knees and going slowly, too! Have fun, Daphne :-)

    As for cooking, gardening, in general having a life – this is so good to see after the year you went through. Enjoy every minute of it, and check in when you want to. Looking forward to some of the awesome recipes you are trying! and seeing your gardening pictures. It’s so good to see you happy again, Daphne.

    • Thank you… I am happy, and busy (and love following you on Facebook too!). I’m glad to be able to run, too. “Running” may be too strong of a word… but whatever. I’ll post gardening photos and such as I can! I hope to make some good progress this year. Being happier is a good thing. I like it.

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