Catching Up (AGAIN!): Garden, Art, Books

I swear, where does the time go? I’m busy and happy — that’s where it goes. Anyway, a little catching up:


The yard looks so lush and pretty right now (if a bit overgrown).

ImageLittle birds come by to say hello:Image

The front porch looks cheerful as well:

ImageI am so ready to plant veggies! I’ve already planted a row of chard and a row of kale, and I just put in some cilantro and basil seeds today. I’m waiting to see what the temps will do this week; maybe this weekend will be time to get peppers and tomatoes. I’ll wait until later in April for cucumbers, butternut squash and the pumpkin I hope to plant. I’d like to make a small raised bed for lettuce too, in a shadier part of the yard. Maybe this weekend. I took my thyme out of their pots and replanted them around the yard. I’m trying to put pretty edibles throughout the yard. I need to repot my sage; it is HUGE and totally outgrowing the little pot it’s in. It’s about ready to flower as well. Spring is so exciting!

Art: Violet Owl

We moved around stuff in the house and now the “art room” is now the “studio” and is finally ready for projects! I drew this little owl to replace a faded print in the bathroom. She’s so sweet; I love her. 




I read my book club book, Animal Factory. Go, me! This time, we branched out into prison lit! It was pretty good, kinda gritty. It was set in the 70s, at San Quentin. This was kind of interesting because I used to work about two miles from San Quentin prison; the prison is set in the rather charming San Quentin Village, with amazing views of the San Francisco Bay, a nice little beach, and adorable little houses. It’s a bit strange. The post office was nice and not busy; I would often mail my holiday packages from that post office to avoid lines. Just a sweet little village… and then, at the end of the road… a giant prison. 

It was also interesting because recently Tammie and I went to Alcatraz, and that prison is/was similar to San Quentin in the weather, the views (or lack thereof, even though it’s set in incredible natural beauty), the proximity to a city full of everything freedom brings. So I had a hard time remembering this was set at San Quentin and not Alcatraz.

The other book I just finished was Trader, by Charles de Lint (oh, how I love you, Charles de Lint). I found a paperback version at a thrift store and I’ve been meaning to read this one for ages. I do love his writing so much. He writes amazing female characters, and weaves in life-philosophy stuff without seeming preachy. And of course his brand of urban fantasy is so charming, welcoming, believable (and slightly edgy, which is welcome). It wasn’t my favorite of his, but it was a good Newford book and reminded me how much I love his writing. I may have to re-read The Little Country soon; that was my first de Lint and it’s been about fifteen years…

Now I’m reading The Season of the Witch,  written by Salon’s founder David Talbot. I’m not that far into it but so far it’s really good. It’s about San Francisco from the 60s through the 80s, such a time of incredible change for the city. 

What else has been going on? I went up to Oregon for my dad’s wedding, but didn’t take any photos — too busy having fun! We have to go back to Florida to clean out the sweetie’s mom’s apartment; she just moved to assisted living and her house needs to be clean by the end of April. So we’re headed back there. Erin is coming in two weeks and we’re going to Harbin Hot Springs for a night. I can’t wait… so relaxing and much needed right now. Everything is going pretty well — work is crazy, I’m travelling way too much which is such a change for me, but it’s all good. I’m very happy. I’ll try to blog a little more, but things have been so busy… 

Thanks for checking in!


3 thoughts on “Catching Up (AGAIN!): Garden, Art, Books

  1. Your yard is lovely, and the front yard is beautiful! What kind of tree/bush is that by the porch? Roses? Stunning pink colour. I love the shade and how comfortable your back yard looks, and your bird visitors. Plus it’s green there and you can plant. Lucky you!!!!! Violet Owl: adorable and sweet.

    I’m glad your sweetie’s mom is able to get into assisted living so quickly too, and I hope the transition is as good as can be for you all.

  2. Your yard looks great! I still have snow in mine. Love the little owl. And I love your header photo, the green leaves of the tree and the green of Thomas’s eyes. You have been very busy but you also sound happy. Yay!

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