Front yard solution!

Was bothered by the ugly house-front dilemma last night and resolved to fix it somewhat today. Mission accomplished!

Here is the nice little corner wild-flower garden. Penstemon, feather-flowers, succulents. I added a couple pots of leftover petunias, and an aloe vera in the back.IMG_1357 This was my big project. Attaching the trellis to the barrel. It took some problem-solving ingenuity, that’s for sure. Involving multiple random pieces of wood, a stepladder, wood screws, nails, a bunch of swearing and starting over at least once. But, I think this works! I also added a pot of lavender that I already had. IMG_1358 In the planter is a pink-and-white clematis and a bunch of petunias, which may or may not appreciate the part-sun this spot gets. If they perish, I can put something else in there. But I think this fills the blank spot nicely. I added some more succulents in front. IMG_1359 Ahhhh. So much better.IMG_1360Now I can just see how it goes, what grows well, what else is needed. But for now, this works for me and I can quit fretting over it!

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