More gardening. I worked really hard this weekend, despite waking up yesterday morning in terrible pain from a stupid neck/shoulder cramp/knot/horrible THING. Ugh. Anyway, thankfully I was still able to get a lot done. Yay for ibuprofen and those stick-on heat thingies!

Here’s the area under the lilacs. It’s filling in well with the lambs ear my dad gave me from his garden last year. I also planted an oregano here, in hopes that it will sort of spread and fill in the bare ground with yummy-smelling herbs. That little dish of water is for the raccoons, in the hopes that they’ll leave the birdbath alone.


The planter for my sweet Cleo girl. The gray-green plant loves it, but I haven’t been able to get anything else to grow in the planter. So now I’m trying a native drought-resistant geranium. This is supposed to have violet-blue flowers. Crossing fingers…



I weeded this whole strip (and took out, um, TWO YEARS worth of fallen leaves. Yeah, I didn’t do much in the yard last year, and it was time to clean it all out). It looks so much better. It was easier than I’d expected to rip out all the weeds and the leaves were very easy to pick up as well. I think this year I’ll concentrate on getting some bark mulch for this part of the yard and do a couple of potted things. It’s extremely rocky and difficult to get anything into the ground. I think it only needs one or two large pots of something hardy and it’ll be “done.”IMG_1346

The fun stuff: planted the veggies this weekend! There’s a cherry tomato in the blue container, then herbs, cucumbers, kale and chard in the front bed. Peppers in the black pots along the back, and then a bed full of tomatoes. IMG_1347


Pepper pots! One jalapeno (giant variety for stuffing!) and three bells. And my lemon verbena, just starting to sprout new growth for the year. And a really really messy area behind it all… oy. IMG_1348


Can’t wait to sit out in the shade of the plum tree and read..IMG_1350


This area is doing well too — I’ve got catmint and a couple of butterfly bushes, and some salvia. And a big bunch of iris and some lavender. It’s all doing well. And, duh, ORANGES.IMG_1351


Patio, newly swept and ready for morning coffee and evening grilling! Maybe this year I can finally figure out what to do with that back wall. It needs something. Wall planters with succulents? I don’t really want hanging baskets — it gets so hot here, I would have to water them all the time and I don’t want to mess with that. I don’t know. It needs something. Maybe just paint. Mediterranean blue? Orange? Fuschia? IMG_1352


The very sad front of the house. I got the junipers ripped out last year, which is great. But now it’s so bare. I have an idea for it — it’s full of rocks but hopefully some areas can be dug where the junipers were taken out. I’m thinking…


Lavender! This is along the sidewalk in front of the house and is doing really well. Ignore the clover/groundcover… I’ve decided to accept that as part of the slightly-wild look I’m going for. The green stuff is dying (it dies back in the late spring) tand the rest is brown and looks like it’s supposed to be there, so let’s just pretend that’s exactly what I meant. However, the lavender is doing really well here and I think it would look nice in front of the hosue too, especially a taller variety. I would love for the house to have a sort of (low-water) cottage garden/wildflower look.IMG_1353The other plant I’m thinking of pairing with the lavender is penstemon (beard-tongue). I’ve got some growing in the front, on the corner, already, and I’m thinking even if I have to put some things in pots (there is seriously like six inches of landscape rock in front, it’s so awful), having some lavender and penstemon would look nice. I think something tall would be nice as well, but I don’t know what.

(this is penstemon — would look good with lavender, yes?)

DSC_0047So that’s the spring garden update! I’ll post some more later when things are blooming and filling in. I’m hopeful about my lavender/penstemon idea. It takes awhile to make a garden so I’m not worried — I just don’t want it to look *too* bare in the meantime…



10 thoughts on “Gardening!

  1. I’m in love with this post!!! Everything looks so so good Daphne!! I’m so jealous of all of your oranges too! They’re beautiful :) I love the look you’re going for in front of a cottage style garden :) I’d love to have that too someday. And I think wall planters of succulents would be a fantastic idea for that back wall. BTW, I brought back Saturday Farmer’s Market on my blog :D Feel free to link post like these whenever you want!! They’re perfect :)

    • I really hope I can get the front looking okay — it looks so sad and bare right now! I agree, succulents would be fun on the wall. Have to look into that. I”ll check on Saturdays for your blog!

  2. I AM SO JEALOUS. Seriously, your yard is beautiful. I will probably write the words “I’m so jealous” on every one of your gardening posts. All I want is a yard I can grow things in, but I’m settling for my balcony. The penstemon is going to look great with the lavender.

  3. Your garden is looking lovely! I am going to try growing some lavender this year. It is not reliably hardy but I am hoping that a protected spot with good mulch in winter might do the trick. I had some once that lived for two years but it was in an exposed place so we’ll see! I love the first photo with the little gnome peeping out from the green.

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