Lately, plus Barney Frank; plus thoughts on blogging

I don’t even know what I’ve been doing lately. 

Did I catch up after the most recent trip to Florida? That was a few weeks ago. Then I flew up to Oregon for my grandmother’s 90th birthday party. In between and all around that, I’ve been trying to catch up in the yard/garden, maintain some kind of book-reading habit, stay somewhat focused at work, and going on bike rides. It’s been good. And busy. I’m ready to stop traveling so much for awhile. Blogging has fallen off by the wayside (sorry!) and I’m really not reading as much as I’d like, although I do make it through a few pages a night. 

I’m thinking of re-reading all the Little House books, which seems like a nice way to start the summer. I want to do more relaxed reading. I’m sure I have a book club book to read as well, but I have no idea what book we are reading this month, hmmm… Oh wait, here it is. On Chesil Beach, Ian McEwan.

My head feels very scattered and distracted these days. So many things going on all at once, with so much travel. Work is busy and feels overwhelming, and although really everything is fine, I feel “off” somehow and need a break. We are going to try and do a lot of nothing this weekend.

However, before “nothing” is always “something” and last night we went to go see Barney Frank speak. He was hilarious, and also is a terrible mumbler, so what I could decipher was very witty and funny and interesting, and the rest of it I’m sure was, but I’ll never know for sure since I couldn’t understand him. Here is a really bad photo (I was quite a ways away)Image

It was a fun event and he was full of juicy Washington gossip and stories. We also went and saw Mark Bittman last week, which was also really wonderful. We joined The Commonwealth Club and are making use of our membership already!

I am having a hard time remembering to blog, which I think is a good thing ultimately. For so long, it was my way of reaching out into the world as my world became smaller and smaller, and I went more and more internal as I struggled to manage what was quickly becoming unmanagable. I turned to books and photography and writing to get me through the rough spots, to give me something positive to focus on, and as a way of translating my life into something that was interesting, positive, engaging and beautiful. So much of my life was really not any of those things, for a long time, and blogging helped me view things through a different lens. For that, I am really, really grateful.

Now, things are very different. I can live out in the world, traveling and doing things, and I don’t have to focus intensely on the one or two positive things — so many things are positive. This is wonderful, but I’m so busy living, I’m not taking the time to document. Which is okay and appropriate and good. I miss blogging, but honestly when I get home, I don’t want to sit and look at the computer very much anymore. I have gardening to do, cooking all sorts of things, someone who wants to talk about varied subjects, bicycle rides to take, after-work events to go to, movies to watch — a real life. It’s amazing and I love it. The computer is where it needs to be — there when I need it, but not a real focus.

It’s interesting to watch the cycles life takes, isn’t it? Sometimes, for a long time, you have to live one way, and then something happens and suddenly you are doing something else. 


8 thoughts on “Lately, plus Barney Frank; plus thoughts on blogging

  1. I love this! So thrilled your life is so full all wonderful things – ordinary (cooking and bike riding) and extraordinary (Mark Bittman and Barney Frank). Your blog (and readers) are here when you want or need us – but I think blogs (like people) come into your life for a season, a reason or a lifetime.

  2. Daphne, It’s much better to be living life, than documenting it. I’m finding that blogging goes in cycles for me too, and I blog better when I am happy, than when I am deeply stressed. I’m glad I have my blog, and I enjoy it, and all the people I’ve met, but I’ve never wanted it to be a chore, so it’s for pleasure only. I hope you can keep blogging, but am so happy to see you enjoying your life.

  3. Lara is absolutely right. Your readers are here when you want/need us, but I’m sure I’m not the only one happy to see you actually enjoying life again. You needed and deserve this.

  4. i agree with everyone else! its cyclical.

    and im feeling much how you are. life has been busy and although i want to document it in someway, sitting at the computer isnt always high on my list of things to do in my downtime. I’ve toyed with just deleting my blog, but i know i cant. i need it. just not all the time.

  5. I find I blog more in the winter time because in the summer I am gardening. All the time!

    I recently found a bunch of my little house books and thought about re-reading them too. I wish my daughter would have found an interest in them but, alas, they are not quite vintage enough to be hip…

    Glad to hear you are doing so well!!!

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