The Bathroom Saga Continues.

Hello! I haven’t been here in a long time. I’ve been elsewhere. However! The bathroom. The bathroom! It is a problem.

When I first moved into the house, the bathroom looked like this:

IMG_0289It was okay. I hated that peachy-apricot paint color, and thought it clashed with the tub and toilet and over-toilet shelving thing. I also hated the vanity — weird antiqued cream, ancient paint job.

So eventually, I painted it. Here’s how that turned out:

IMG_1860 IMG_1858Better… but with the unfortunate effect of clashing violet and peach. The paint looked much more purple-pink than it was, and the faux marble ended up looking very very yellow. Sigh. However, the white vanity was an improvement.

So finally today I painted it again. I liked the white that I had painted the vanity, so I thought I’d just paint the whole thing that color. I was aiming for spa-like serenity. Here’s how that turned out:

IMG_1487 IMG_1488Better… but as you may be able to tell, the paint, when applied to the walls, took on a distinct grayish hue, which did NOT neutralize the faux marble. It looked fine in the morning as I was painting, but as the afternoon wore on, and the clouds began to form in the sky over the skylight… the paint looked more and more blue-gray, not clean white, definitely not creamy white.

So. This is VERY FRUSTRATING. The problem is that the tub and toilet are definitely gray-white, and the faux marble is very very yellowy-cream-peach. These two things automatically do not go together. Right now, the paint really matches the tub and toilet. But does not enhance the faux marble. So, I think I will live with it for a little while, and then probably paint it AGAIN, this time, very close in color to this white, but leaning towards the creamy, not the gray. I think that will solve the problem… at least, as well as this particular color problem can be solved.

Lesson: pure white countertops, tub, and toilet. Makes things WAY easier.





2 thoughts on “The Bathroom Saga Continues.

  1. The white is better, but yeah, that countertop. Any chance you could replace that? More expensive than repainting but it would totally solve you color problems.

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