Off to the land of Christmas and beer

We are off to Belgium/Germany/Austria tomorrow! I am so excited. Our itinerary goes something like this:

1. Belgium. Here we will tour Brussels and Bruges (second time for me, I loved it so much the first time). We will have much beer and look at much surrealist and Art Nouveau. Then we hop a plane to…

2. Berlin. Here we will witness the fall of the wall, eat currywurst, see funky grafitti and modern art, and try our hand at extremely faulty German. Then we catch a train to…

3. Rothenburg ob der Tauber: to absorb all the adorable Christmas-land medieval beauty that we can in two days and one night, and then back on the train to…

4. Munich! Where we will balance light and dark by visiting both the Hofbrauhaus and Dachau on the same day, inspect the BMW museum, hopefully visit castles (my first castles ever!) and take a side trip to…

5. Salzburg, to see the birthplace of Mozart and try both Linzer and Sacher tortes.

Then home, exhausted, happy, and probably 10 pounds heavier. I cannot wait!!

Reporting in on Kindle Paperwhite: I love it. It was worth the upgrade. I love the backlight and the touch screen is much easier to use, and it’s only the tiniest bit heavier than the other one. I also like that all it is, is an e-reader. We have an iPad as well which will function as portable computer/video player/internet hub/second e-reader, but I’m happy with my little Paperwhite. Definitely worth the upgrade.

I’ll be back in a couple weeks (!!) with photos and more. Happy Holidays to everyone, thank you all for your friendship and love. Right back at you!


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