Yes, I survived Germany and the flu

…but re-entry, as they say, has been a bitch.

Well, not really, but we caught the flu when we were overseas and I’ve been a little run-down ever since, and just haven’t felt like updating the blog. But, just a little note to say I survived. I’ll post photos and a recap soon. It was a wonderful trip, even though we spent about half of it sick in bed with the flu, which did entail some amusing German-pharmacy adventures, and lots of hot tea, but we had a great time anyway.

And I did get to read a lot — which is good, because my book was The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich (with about 1300+ pages) which took me roughly three forevers to finish and which I’m going to blame for the fact that my book count for last year was SO LOW (I swear I’m missing a couple of books from the list…I counted Third Reich for last year although technically I didn’t finish it until mid-January). This year I vow to do better — I’m hoping for 52, averaging one a week. I’m already behind (due to Adolf Hitler) so I’d better get cracking. I’d like to re-read all of the Little House books this year so that’ll help…

Some other thoughts for the new year:

  1. Move more. Walk at lunch at work, do some walking after work, bike rides on the weekend. Poor creaky body needs more exercise.
  2. Read more. See above. I moved my laptop away from my favorite spot in the living room so now instead of reaching for the computer, I reach for my book. That will help. Bad habits, and all that.
  3. Make more art. I have a nice WIP nearly finished, will hopefully show that soon too.
  4. Get married. Wait, what? Yes! It’s true! It’s a lovely story with an even lovelier ending (and a wonderful new beginning). I’m very happy, very blessed, and extremely lucky. I count my blessings every day — I take none of this amazing happiness for granted.

That’s good enough, right? Sounds like a good year.

Photos and more details to come.



4 thoughts on “Yes, I survived Germany and the flu

  1. You had the flu while you were in Germany? Ugh, what a way to spend time overseas. I’m glad it didn’t completely ruin the trip though. Looking forward to those photos and all the other stuff too!

    • Yes, even though I had gotten a flu shot! It was pretty bleak at times but because we spent a couple of days in bed and ratched back our expectations, we got fairly well after a few days and were able to really enjoy Munich (our final destination for the last week). Ultimately it worked out okay and slowed us down, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing when on vacation!

  2. Looking forward to your updates! Congrats! And I know how you feel about being sick while abroad, we had some interesting stories about Italian pharmacies too. :) Welcome back….

  3. Sorry you got sick, especially as part of a trip. That is devastating timing. Hope you are on the mend and look forward to your posts about all the exciting things contained herein.

    Your plans to break bad habits are great. I’m looking forward to May when Spectrum work winds down so that I can just relax more and devote more time to reading and spend less time on the computer.

    Exciting news about the wedding. You must share more! :)

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