Happy Holz

Tis the season! I’m not particularly religious, but I do like to mark the passing of the seasons and celebrate traditions that feel homey to me. I have a number of things that I really love this time of year:

  • Holiday lights
  • Decorated trees
  • Gingerbread
  • Holiday greeting cards
  • Any kind of miniature holiday display
  • Time off (duh)

I love winter so of course the actual ‘season’ list is longer, but when it comes to the holidays there are a few things that make it feel special to me (we celebrate Christmas in our family, although I actually think of it as the ‘winter holiday’ since I’m not really Christian and I feel like this holiday historically encompasses more than just the Bible story). I can do without holiday music, or movies, or gifts, but I do love twinkly lights and I like doing special things with family and I really, really love gingerbread. So, I’m good with the holidays.

This year we get to celebrate with the nephews. Little Sam (6 months) won’t know what’s going on, but at 2+, Hans will be just old enough to start getting excited. It’s going to be fun. I also expect some tears: holidays are overwhelming! Hans might cry too. Just kidding. We are so lucky that Erin and her girls are spending the holidays with us — I love a big family holiday thing. I know, it’s crazy. But I do.

When we were little, holiday dinners were dress-up affairs. I always liked that. Or, maybe I just like it in retrospect. It started my love of dressing up for occasions.

Keith and I were discussing New Year’s — traditionally a big dress-up night for us. However, this year, I think we might be staying at home. In pajamas. With a movie marathon. And some serious comfort food. And ice cream. Sounds pretty great to me — we are a little worn out from this year!

I feel like this entry reads a little like a “What My Family Is Doing For Christmas” essay, but whatever. I am trying! I have a few goals for next year. I gave up self-improvement resolutions a few years ago (and never looked back — what a relief!) but I do have some goals that I feel inspired about this year. Finding a blogging voice again is one of them — I can’t quite figure out who I am writing for — is it just me? Or a very tiny audience? Or for some other reason? And what do I want to get from it? I loved blogging before, and it totally went away — so many people stopped. But, I felt like it helped me process some things — I definitely process through writing best — and I want to have that outlet. So, I will be continuing to limp along and try to find my voice here.

That, or I’ll just continue writing 3rd grade essays. It’s OK. I was pretty good at them.


2 thoughts on “Happy Holz

  1. You can write your blog for your teeny tiny audience of one 😁. I enjoy it. Maybe because I’m not very good at writing, at all.

  2. Gingerbread <3 James makes gingerbread waffles. Sooo good. I know exactly what you mean about the blogging. I'm still working on figuring that out myself. I think your New Year's Eve plan sounds amazing. Happy holidays!

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