Nothing pithy to say, but I do love winter solstice, although perversely I always wish that it meant the nights got even longer, at least for a few more weeks. I like to settle into winter and be nice and cozy for a good long while.

Last night we went out on the local arts walk and met up with several friends at different points in the evening, both planned and unplanned. It was quite a fun evening, although I started off not at all enthusiastic. See above ^^^. However, it ended up being very engaging and interesting and fun and silly good times. We had dinner at our favorite pub, had a table next to the fire, and friends joined us throughout the evening. I felt inspired by the art we’d seen and happy about all the friends we saw. Lots of interesting perspectives, some I don’t agree with, but overall good fellowship. One of those evenings that reminded us of why we moved back. Good community with deep roots. I love that.

Before we were descended upon by friends, we took a few minutes to discuss the upcoming holidays again, including New Year’s Eve. Some years we do it up big, and some years we stay quiet. I think this year is a quiet one, although we’ve been invited to several parties and could probably pull together something at our house. I think the pajama plan is in full effect. Yesterday was a long day at work, just sort of draining for lots of reasons, and I am feeling the need to retreat for a few days. I have two long weekends in a row and need a break to just take it easy. Lots of books and sitting on the couch and spending time with the people we love most. I am probably going to paint my office before the end of the year, but not yet. First: a few days of rest.


1 thought on “Solstice

  1. Happy Solstice! Sounds like you had a lovely evening. Enjoy your days of rest. And I completely endorse spending New Year’s Eve at home in your pajamas! That’s what I will be doing too :)

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