holiday regrets

Not really about the holidays, but about my decision to work Thursday and Friday this week. I usually take the entire week between Xmas and New Year’s off but this year I figured there wasn’t really a need, plus I had work I needed to do, plus I thought I’d give the opportunity for other people in my department to take those days off. Well, all that is still true, but it just felt wrong to be working today!

Aside from that, we had a nice holiday with my family. This year we tried to scale things back but there was still an abundance of food, presents and family time — all good stuff, but by Day Three (Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day) we were pretty tired, plus Keith had a migraine on Christmas and then came home with a bit of a head cold. Maybe next year we can do something really simple — Keith and I (and my family, in years past) have loved going skiing on Christmas — maybe we can reinstate that next year. Although, now that I think about it, I actually did get to go skiing this Christmas, just an hour of cross-country skiing, but it was still pretty great. Probably wouldn’t be too difficult to bring that tradition back around in some form, especially now that my brother lives so close to excellent ski country. I think we can scale gifts back even further next year too. Once we finished doing stockings, I was happy and didn’t feel like I needed or wanted anything else. We’ll assess next year. Keith and I did “Thriftmas” gifts for each other (thrift shop gifts under a certain $ limit) and we enjoyed that — we’ll probably keep that tradition; the treasure-hunting is fun.

The nephews of course were the stars of the holiday, and I loved all the time with them and the rest of my family — both related and chosen. Still, it’s good to be home and as usual, I am now ready to take down all the decorations. I love having them up, and then I love putting them away and putting the house back in order.

Speaking of, I’m spending Saturday painting my office — and then THAT room can be put in order and then the house will be mostly “put away” and we can start the year fresh. We do an annual ‘purge’ of the entire house and garage and since we still have quite a few mystery boxes from the move, we’re looking forward to to clearing stuff out and getting everything in order.

Well, another day of work and then another four days off — looking forward to starting the year fresh with some new goals & exciting projects, a tidy house, and some good rest. We aren’t doing anything special for New Year’s and I can’t wait!



2 thoughts on “holiday regrets

  1. So glad you had a wonderful Christmas celebration! I always take the week between Solstice and New Year’s off, actually my library and entire university campus is closed, which is fantastic. I have lived in my house for almost 19 years now and we have a small box in the corner of the basement that we have never opened. Obviously we don’t need what is in there! At this point neither of us wants to open it because it has become such a big joke. Have fun painting your office! I hope you share the results :)

  2. Oh, that is funny! Unfortunately we’ve moved too many times in the last few years (we figured it out, it’s averaged once a year for the past three years — too much!) but this last move we were exhausted and although we did do a purge prior to moving, there are still boxes of things like cans to be recycled and loose plastic bags. Ugh. Oh well! I’m hoping to zip through my work today and start relaxing!

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