2019 Goals: Setting Up Structure

I am committing to updating these weekly. This is basically a repeat of the previous post, but I added and deleted a few to make it more manageable. These are the ones I want to actually track.


  • One “offline” day per month with Keith
  • I am finding this hard to measure; I’ll just stick with the one goal here.


  • Complete the Emerging Leaders training (10 sessions)
  • Look into Mediation training and make a few steps


  • Get home ceramics ‘studio’ area set up. Make leaf tiles for kitchen windowsill.
  • One drawing a week; this can be anything
  • Practice piano 10 mins 4x weekly
  • 3 “other” art classes


  • 25 real pushups
  • 5 real pull-ups
  • Yoga or stretching every day, even just 5-10 mins
  • Exercise 20+ mins 3x weekly


  • Read 52 books, including 5 that I already own
  • 5 mins meditation 4x weekly
  • Visit Quakers
  • Visit UU service
  • Read 3 Buddhist books

House projects:

  • Finish painting 4 remaining rooms in house.
  • Initial upgrade to the hall bathroom.
  • Learn to do a drywall patch, repair/patch 4 heater grates.
  • Order and spread gravel on the walkways.
  • Finish taking out the rotten edgings and replacing the edging on the garden beds.
  • Landscape the area in front of where the garage door used to be.
  • Install a dishwasher.
  • Install shelving in the laundry room for storage.
  • Get the wood stove in the outbuilding garage going.


  • Backpacking trip with Erin (2-3 nights)
  • Make and use mesh vegetable bags
  • Find alternative for plastic bags for the bulk bins at the big grocery store
  • One new recipe a month from actual cookbook I already own



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