Perfume: Jessica McClintock

220px-C.m._cv._RoseaIn the years since I last blogged on any sort of regular basis, I somehow got into perfume. I’m not really sure how — I mean, I’ve always LIKED perfume and I always had a bottle or two of something nice — but somehow I became a little bit obsessed and started learning a lot about perfume — and there is a lot to learn!

Thankfully, the obsession has waned a bit, and I have been happily playing with my fairly modest collection (a handful of full bottles, lots of samples). I have my eye on a fancy ‘fume for my birthday this year but other than that, I’ve been wearing what I have and enjoying it a lot. I work from home now and my husband truly does not care what perfume I wear so I just wear whatever I want and enjoy it.

However, today I was out running errands and, at a discount store, came across an old favorite that I’ve always loved: Jessica McClintock EDP. I have a thing for 80s perfumes in general, but I have always loved this one and have been keeping my eye out for it in a lazy sort of way. My best friend Erin used to have this in hand-lotion form and use it when she was knitting — she once made me a scarf that smelled amazing and I’ve always regretted that the scent faded over the (many!) years.

It is a delicious green lily scent — pure Lily of the Valley, which is a flower that I adore for some reason. Maybe we had some in our yard when I was growing up? Maybe my grandma loved this flower? Anyway, it has a place in my own personal story, and I love the smell. Along with Lily of the Valley is crisp citrus and basil, jasmine and rose. It is very floral, but with a green edge that keeps it from being sweet. A little goes a long way!

So, I bought the bottle — for $20 for the full size, it’s a bargain — this definitely falls under the “cheap thrills” category of perfume (I like this category a lot, and will review some of these as I pull them out to wear over the coming months). It’s perfect for this dreary, gray, wet spring day — the white floral is perfect with the gray weather — perking everything up just a bit.